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There are over 100 website designers in Guildford, giving you a wide range of choice to help you with website design projects.  Most of the website design agencies in Guildford are relatively small.  However there a number of marketing agencies who offer additional marketing services, such as graphic design, artwork and advertising, in addition to web design.

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Using A Website Designer

It is always to be recommended to use a website design company that is local rather than one in London, Brighton or further afield.  The main consideration would be to be able to pop over and visit them; most web designers prefer not to have face to face meetings, as they are less profitable and more hassle than communicating by e-mail, but for value in terms of defining requirements it is far better to have a meeting.  A meeting can also give a good impression as to what the designer is like. With virtual offices a company in India could have a UK website and Guildford postcode.  So by meeting them you can make sure they are who they claim to be.

By meeting a web designer, you can also check their experience. Using a designer who has previous experience of designing websites for your industry sector is always advised.  They will know the kind of designs that will work, and how to position you against competitors.  There are over 500 website designers in Surrey, so there are lots of options for your new web site (or website re-design).

Compare Quotes From Website Designers In Guildford

All website designers in Guildford offer quite different design work, and offer different skills, based on differing experience.  All designers charge at different rates, therefore shopping around to get a good deal is important.  Website design prices are based on a website designer’s size, their staff costs, their experience and their profit margins.

For free advice and quotes from local website designers in Guildford, just fill in the form.

Guildford In A Glance

Guildford is the county town of Surrey, with a population of just under 70,000. It has a history dating back to Saxon times when the city was known as ‘Gyldeford’, taken from the names golden ford, referring to the golden flowers by the river crossing, or ford. There is mention of ‘Geldeford’ and ‘Gildeford’ in the Domesday book in 1086, and a Norman castle which still remains today was built after the Battle of Hastings.

Today Guildford is a thriving ‘market town’ hosting many top companies, Vodafone, Mitsubishi, Dennis Fire Engines, EA and Colgate-Palmolive having offices based in the city.

In addition, Guildford has a growing university, the University of Surrey.

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