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There are around 40 website designers in Lewisham; most of these are freelance agencies and small studios that have expanded from being freelancers.  

There are around 10 larger marketing companies that offer web work as part of a broader range of marketing services such as PR, branding and advertising.  There are also many good website designers in Bromley next door to talk with.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from web design companies in Lewisham that know your industry sector.

Local Website Designers

We do advise where possible to work with local agency.  

This makes meetings a lot easier to schedule if you do not have to travel hours to visit them; also there is a loyalty that comes with working with someone local.

Choosing A Web Designer You Can Trust

For businesses that are based around the town, you have the choice of working with a local agency, or one of the web designers in London directly.  As there are so many around, care needs to be given in a few areas:

  • Experience

As all web design agencies are different, each will have their track record of clients they have done work for in the past.  Choosing a web designer who has already worked for businesses like yours is wise.  If they have done work for someone that is similar to yours, then chances are they will produce a better site for you.

  • Size

Depending on the type/size that you require will determine the kind of creative agency you choose.  If you need a site that is very basic, then a small designer or freelancer will probably suffice.  Aa larger ones, particularly an e-commerce site will require a larger agency, due to their having more facilities or expertise available.

  • Cost

All set their own rates; all are in business to make profit, as they are private businesses, and therefore all costs will vary.  It is important to compare web design prices in order to get a feel for what is a reasonable price to pay for it

  • Quality

All have different skills; it is important to find someone who can create a site that is unique and will stand out.  They are like a business’ shop window and like all window displays do need to attract people into the shop.  Do they work with WordPress or a different platform?

An Overview Of Lewisham

The town is a county borough in South London, originally founded in Saxon times, the name meaning the town amongst meadows.

It is known for having one of the worst railway disasters of the twentieth century, which occurred in 1957, claiming the lives of 90 passengers and crew.  

It was also involved in the riots and looting that happened during the well known UK riots of August 2011.  

This caused much destruction and damage to local businesses around the area.  

As with many boroughs of London, the railways played a big role in the city’s expansion, as it was swallowed into London in 1965.

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