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There are over 70 website designers in Plymouth, mainly smaller studios and sole traders.  Should you need media support, there are some great PR agencies in Plymouth.  

Thanks to the University and the various colleges in the city, more students have moved in and made the city their home, leading to the establishment of new website designers in Plymouth.  

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Local Design Companies

When considering a web designer for your new site (or a website re-design) we do advise talking to someone local.   

Meetings do play a vital roll in the communication process,  and who wants to have to travel up to London once a month for a quick review meeting.  Of course with COVID, a ZOOM meeting may be a safer option.

Working With A Local Expert

Working with local web designer in Plymouth is always better in terms of the service received, which is going to be that much more personalised. 

There is the added advantage of being able to visit the agency, check out their studio and meet with the team.  If only to make sure that they are not based in Asia and just working from a virtual office. Another good reason for meeting the agency is to chat through their experience and knowledge of your industry. 

From the tens of thousands of web companies there are around the UK, it does make sense to select one that has dealt with companies similar to yours before.  If they know how your market works, and who your competitors are, then they should be able to produce a much more effective site for you.

Compare Quotes Today

All web agencies in Plymouth charge different website design prices.  As they are all private businesses and there is no ‘standard’ cost. 

It is good to shop around as all web companies charge differently.  They are all in business to make profit and indeed while it is worth paying a premium for a top design, you do not want to be caught out paying 50% more than you need to.

A Quick Glance at Plymouth

It can trace its history back to the Bronze Age, as it has always been a sea port of strategic importance. 

It has around a quarter of a million people living in it, which has been increased as a result of the University.  

It played a role during the Hundred Years War with the French and also during the English civil war.   In more recent years it has played its role in both World Wars, being the main port of entry for troops from around the British Empire.

Much of the city’s economy has been based around the dockyards, but sadly since Britain has reduced its navy the dockyards been in decline, with the exception of refitting Britain’s nuclear submarines.  

It is receiving investment by the government as part of the urban regeneration scheme, in the hope of rekindling the economy around the city.

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