PR Agencies In Plymouth

There are over 20 PR agencies in Plymouth, many of which are smaller firms and freelancers, with a couple of larger agencies.  Some 15 marketing companies offer PR as part of a broader range of marketing skills, such as branding, web services and graphic design, for larger companies who require marketing support on top of public relations.  There are PR companies in Plymouth that work in specific industry sectors.

PR Agencies In Plymouth

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Choosing Someone Local

As it is quite a large city, many of the PR agencies in Cornwall choose to have offices here, as it is a hub of industry and economy in Cornwall.
There are a fair number of PR agencies in Plymouth, so it does make sense to use one that is local to the city, rather than one that is based on the mainland, so to speak.

Location is important as it gives companies in the area a chance to meet with the agency rather than taking a day out to travel.  Meetings play an important roll, certainly in the early days of any relationship, as communication about objectives or strategy cannot really be done effectively using e-mail.

Selecting a firm that has experience is also important.  If they understand your product/service/market then they are much more likely to produce the result you require.  They should know the best media and publications to target and the various key people it is necessary to approach about your campaign.

In short, for an agency to provide effective PR they need to have a good understanding of your business, know your staff, understand your market place and essentially be an extension of your own team.

Compare Prices From PR Agencies In Plymouth

We live in an age when shopping around and comparing prices is something that is very much an essential part of our personal and business lives.  Whether it is comparing quotes on car insurance, house bills, DVD’s, clothes, or marketing companies, finding the best solution for the best price is key.

But like anything else, the cheapest price does not necessarily mean the best service, and PR prices cannot be compared like for like.  Always to be borne in mind is that all agencies are in business to make money, to be able to make a profit and to pay higher wages for their staff.

A Few Words About Plymouth

Plymouth is situated in Cornwall in the south west of England and has a population of about a quarter of a million according to council stats.  From the 16th century, Plymouth played a vital roll as a strategic sea port, bringing goods into the country from the West Indies, Africa, the Americas and Europe.  During numerous wars, including the American wars, Napoleonic wars, and both World Wars, it was an important naval base; it still houses the Trident submarines of the British Navy.

The earliest settlement has been dated to prehistoric times and more recently used to be called Sutton, meaning ‘south town’ in Old English.  The present name first appears in a pipe roll in 1211 which means ‘mouth of the river Plym’, the name being a back formation of Plymton (plum-tree-town).

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