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There are around 70 web designers in Richmond, many from Richmond University acting as sole traders and freelancers.  

The area is a fashionable place to live and work, so many creative agencies base their offices here.  

There are also many website designers in Bexley just down the road should you not find a local one you like.

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Local Web Design Is Safer

For companies that are based around Richmond, working with local expert is always to be recommended rather than one that is from outside of London.  

Even though there are many web designers in London, working locally is always preferred.  

Rather than having the need to communicate via e-mail and phone all the time.  It is always better to meet with them before ‘going ahead’ with them.

  • Initial Meeting – this gives a chance to get to know them, ensure that they are what they claim to be on their website (as with websites these days, companies can claim anything) and chat through their industry experience
  • Review Meeting – once the website is in place, having a face to face is good in order to look at ways of improvement and further design/development

Experience and industry knowledge are also two things that need to be considered when selecting a company.  As there are hundreds of agencies around, selecting one that knows your sector will be beneficial.

Compare Web Design Quotes

All agencies set their own rates, some charge per hour, some per completed project.  

One thing to consider is that all are privately owned businesses, and as such are in place to generate profit.  In today’s society of the credit crunch, getting value for money is important.

  • Shop around – by getting quotes you can ensure that you are not overpaying
  • Quality – by comparing companies you can select the highest quality designer for the best price
  • Testimonials – by talking to current clients who the designer is working with, you can get a feel for what they are really like.  Do they perform well, stick to time scales, make themselves easily contactable for when there is a glitch, and are they good value for money?

Think About The Future

Once you website is set up, you need to consider the main issue, getting visitors to it!

There are a few options here:

  • Short term – Internet advertising is the quickest way to get visitors.  By using Googles Adwords system you can appear at the top of the main search engine instantly for your keywords.
  • Long term – Website optimisation is necessary to get your website appearing in the organic results on search engines.  This takes time, however patience does pay off.
  • Social Media – One of the newest forms of marketing is social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook.  Although they are not as effective as the above options, having a social presence is important for all companies.

We want to help you get the best website possible and can help you find a few web design agencies in Richmond that can help you on your digital journey.

Web design prices do vary considerably, compare quotes today.

Some Questions To Think About

Before meeting with any website design agencies in Richmond, there are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Purpose

What do you need a website for, for selling products, for showcasing services, to take payments?  Knowing your purpose should help the agency access whether they can handle your project or not.  Some websites are too technical for some agencies, leading on to the next point.

  • Website Platform

What website platform did you want to go for (some examples are Shoptify, WordPress, Joomla, a bespoke coded website)?

Some web design agencies in Richmond are WordPress designers and cannot design websites on other platforms, some deal with 2-3 platforms.

  • Website Content

Who is going to write the content for your website (the text on each page)?

If you need the agency to write it for you, they may have a copywriter in their staff, or may outsource this to a web copywriting agency.

If you can work with the agency, this is best since your passion and knowledge of your business will be communicated t0 your web visitors.

  • Marketing

As mentioned above, your marketing is something you need to consider.  Not all web designers in Richmond offer marketing services (digital marketing services such as PPC advertising and SEO).  You may need a separate agency, or choose a web designer in Richmond that has digital marketing services.

Comparing quotes however is advised, as all agencies set their own rates based on their overheads and profit margins.

Richmond In A Paragraph

Richmond is in the south-west of London, lies within the M25, and is named after the Palace of Richmond, built in 1501 for Henry VII, which existed until 1649 as a royal residence.  

The town was originally known as Shene, which for some reason was not listed in the Domesday Book of 1086, and is derived from the Saxon name ‘Sceon’.  

It is known for Richmond Park, London’s largest royal park endorsed by Charles I for hunting.  

It is very much a residential area of London with local shops and facilities.  

The council are looking at how to encourage more business into Richmond.

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