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Most of the web design agencies in Swansea are sole traders or smaller agencies that serve local businesses, SME’s and the like.  

With thanks to the University founded in 1920, the city is drawing in new students from around the UK, and as a result there are over 50 website designers in Swansea. 

Should you need media support, there are a few PR companies in Swansea that may be suited?  There are also some good website design companies in Newport, which is just down the road.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from web design agencies in Swansea that know your industry sector.

Working with Someone Local

For businesses around the Swansea, it does make good sense to work with a local company; if anything to keep business in the area.  If businesses around the area support each other, then the whole area should grow and develop without need for support from the government.

Why talk with web designers in Cardiff when there are great agencies around Swansea?

In working with a local website designer in Swansea it makes meeting them so much easier, as there is not as far to travel to their offices.  Meetings are a good idea as it gives businesses a chance to get to know the designer, see the studios, meet the team and a chance to present their business overview.

Another advantage of meeting them is to quiz them about their knowledge about your market.  Using a design agency that knows your market will give them a big advantage when placing you within the sector, as a website needs to ‘fit in’, as well as ‘stand out from the crowd’.  

Website designers in Swansea can work with WordPress, Joomla and other web platforms to suit.

Compare Prices Today

All web design prices are different as all designers are different; remember all are private companies in business to make money. 

By shopping around local web design experts in Swansea, should give you a good idea of the average price that can be found.

A Glance at Swansea

The city is originally thought to have been a Viking trading post and was first mentioned around the 10th century. 

It was greatly affected by the industrial revolution in the 17th century, and as a result of the coal and slate industries, the town grew into a thriving city.  In more recent years the city saw a decline as industry and manufacturing left, leaving a big hole in the economy with high unemployment. 

Like Bournemouth, much of the city these days is given over to the service industries and support industries that work locally (estate agents, retailers, funeral homes etc.). 

The city centre was almost all destroyed during the blitz in World War II.  The population is around 300,000 according to recent council statistics.

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