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There are over 10 PR agencies in Swansea, and as more students leave Swansea University to establish themselves, new PR companies are springing up as a result of people settling.  

Should you need web support, there are many smaller web design companies in Swansea that can help.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from a few PR companies in Swansea that know your industry.

Choosing A Local Company

Swansea is a thriving city covering all kinds of businesses, from finance to automotive, manufacture and  FMCG and as a result, each of these business kinds needs media support.  As a result, the firms around the city have a very diverse  background in terms of experience, as different agencies opt to specialise in different markets.  

It is important when choosing an agency, to select one that has a background in your market, as they will have the best experience in placing you efficiently in the media to produce the best results.

Meeting with a company is something that is advised, not only to get to know them to see how they operate, but also for them to full understand your business.

Compare Prices

All PR agencies in Swansea are different, all providing different skills and approaches, and as a result all charge differently.  

Comparing PR prices is something of a necessity, as some are very affordable, the freelancers for example, and some very pricey, notably the larger agencies that work worldwide; so finding the right agency is important to getting the best results.

A Brief Overview Of Swansea

It is in south-west Wales in the county of Swansea.  The city has grown from being a Viking trading post, and an important one at that, into a thriving metropolis in the region of 200,000 according to government data.  

Throughout history use was made of its strategic position between Scotland, Ireland and London by means of the sea, and the Romans, Normans, Vikings and earlier people have all added to the city in its architecture, customs, food, language and place names.

It was an important place in the Industrial Revolution being a port of coal, wool and raw materials.  Swansea is best known as being home to the DVLA.

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