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There are over 40 website designers in Newport.  As the University of Wales is situated just outside of the town it makes a good place for them to service businesses, both in Wales and South West England.  

It also has around 30 marketing companies that offer web services along with a broader mix of marketing services, such as public relations and advertising.  There are larger web design agencies in Cardiff just along the road.

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Creative Marketing Companies

Newport has a good diversity of creative talent, from creative designers, branding agencies and marketing communications agencies.  One thing you will need once you get your website set up is internet marketing.

What is the point of having a website if no-one visits?

Using Someone Local

For businesses in and around town it does make sense to select one from the many companies in and around the city.  Choosing a web designer in Newport gives a chance to meet up.  

A chance to chat through designs and to look at different ways of approaching the design of the site.  There are lots of different ways that sites can be laid out and presented.  

Choosing one that works well is essential, not just that it looks good.  Selecting someone who understands your industry and market place is also something that is very important; from the tens of thousands of agencies that are around the UK selecting the right one is of the essence.

Compare Quotes Today

All agencies charge at different rates for the same website to be produced.  

Some may charge close to each other and some massively outside other estimates.  All are different and provide different web design prices, therefore it is necessary to shop around and compare quotes to avoid overpaying.

An Overview of The Town

Newport is found on the banks of the River Usk in the county of Monmouthshire, in South Wales.  

Owing to the fertility of the area around the river, Bronze Age fishermen settled here and later the Celts.  

The Romans then took over in AD 75 building a Roman fort at Caerleon.  

During the Industrial Revolution, Newport was an important supplier of coal and iron from the South West Coalfields.  

It did not suffer as many other Welsh towns did at the end of the Industrial Revolution.

There is still a strong manufacturing and engineering industry, as well as service industries such as ONS, the passport office and the Red Cross.  

It has around 150,000 inhabitants and continues to steadily grow.  The council is looking at ways to bring more business into the city.

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