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There are over 30 website designers in Torquay, most of which are smaller firms and freelancers.  

As many people have moved to the town (for a more relaxed life) freelancers have started to work from home, to try and get the work life balance.  

There are around 20 full service marketing companies which operate out of the town that offer web design as part of a broader range of marketing, such as graphic design and advertising.

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Choosing Someone Local

When choosing web designers in Torquay, it is important to find out about their experience.  Even though there are hundreds of web designers in Devon, using someone local is preferable.  

The sites they produce may all look good, but it does not necessarily mean that they will work well.

Having a background in your industry means that they know what kind of designs will work for you, how to set up the layout of the site, etc.  Different websites work well in different industries, and some do not.  

It is advisable to arrange a meeting with them, to chat through ideas face to face, get to know the team, see where they work, and quiz them about their track records.  

It is also advisable to chat to some of their current clients, find out what the service is like, what their reaction times are like, are they getting a ROI (return on their investment), and are they seeing fruit?  Get some advise on the web development platform they will use.  

Will a WordPress website be best, or Joomla, or a different one?  There are in addition many larger website design agencies in Plymouth that can help if needed.

Compare Web Design Prices

As there are lots of agencies in the area it is advisable to shop around and compare quotes.  

All will charge a different amount for the same site, as there are no set design rates, and website design prices vary depending on their overheads, staff numbers and profits.

Torquay in a Few Words

It is nicely situated on the south coast of England in the county of Devon.  

There has been a human presence in the town since the time of prehistoric man as hand axes have been found around ‘Kent Cavern’, a cave system formed by rivers thousands of years ago.  Even Roman offerings were found at the caves, despite there having been no Roman presence in the area.  

It has always been a town of fishing and agriculture.

During the war years of 1939-44 the town was considered one of the safest places on the south coast, and evacuees were sent there.  

It now has an economy based around tourism (chosen for the comedy series ‘Fawlty Towers’ by John Cleese), and has a population of around 70,000 according to council statistics.

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