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There are nearly 100 website designers in Wakefield.  These range from medium sized designers that work from rented offices around town, down to freelancers who work from home.  

Wakefield has around 30 marketing companies that offer web work along with a range of other marketing services.  These include services such as branding, corporate ID, digital marketing and SEO.

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Choosing Someone Local

There are hundreds of web design companies in Yorkshire.  However for businesses that are based in and around the Wakefield, it does make sense working with a local designer.  

In addition there are many PR agencies in Wakefield that can support your website via the media, which could be of interest.

Working with a local company does bring several advantages:

  • Ensure they are legitimate – many companies use ‘virtual offices’ and may work from home, yet claim to be larger international offices working with global clients.
  • Value For Money – there is a loyalty that comes with working with a ‘local agency’, and they do tend to go the extra mile, having a local reputation to maintain
  • Meeting – meeting them is a great way to cover issues such as strategy, business objectives, layout, etc.

Generally the closer you can work with someone, the better the finished website will be, rather than it being just another website in their portfolio.

When choosing from web design agencies in Wakefield, consideration needs to be given to experience.  

Many do specialise in specific industry sectors (legal, financial, engineering, sports).  Therefore if you need an IT security site designed, then it is pointless talking to a designer who specialises in web design for schools?

Size is another factor to consider when choosing someone to work with.  If you are a large international company, choosing a freelancer that only has skills in designing basic websites is not really suitable.

 They will not have the facilities on hand for you unless they contract the work out (which is dangerous).

Compare Prices

All web design companies in Wakefield different; all independent businesses that have different fee structures.  

Most will work either on an hourly rate, or a rate per project.  However they set these costs themselves.

It is wise in today’s society to do your research and shop around, whatever it is that you are considering buying.  Cars, books, houses, marketing services, CD’s, clothes all need to be compared and prices checked.  

We have put together 7 tips on choosing a web designer, that may be helpful;.

Web design prices do vary; partly based on their skills and facilities but also on their office size, staff costs and profit margins.

A Few Words about The Town

This West Yorkshire town is situated just south of Leeds, having a population of around a hundred thousand according to Wakefield council.  

During the Middle Ages the town was known as ‘Merrie city’, as it was well stocked with food (meat and fish) from the rivers and seas.  

Leading up to the 18th century, it was known for the industries of corn, textiles and clothing, causing it to become a very significant town in the country.  

In 1888 the town became a city, thanks to its parish church of Saxon origin.

The area was home to the Brigantes before the Romans invaded in 43 AD, and there is evidence of flint and stone hand tools, showing earlier occupation.

During the Norman invasion of 1066 it is recorded as ‘Wachfeld’ in the Domesday Book of 1068.  It was part of the Norman ‘Harrying Of The North’, the rebellion to Norman rule by King Edger, son of Edward The Confessor, the last of the Anglo Saxon Kings Of Wessex.

In the 20th century, it was known for its glass and textile industry, which started to decline 1970’s.

As the Thatcher government closed down coal mining in the UK, 15 local pits were closed between 1979 and 1983, causing massive unemployment in Wakefield.

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