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Flash website design is a unique process that allows a website to offer a more dynamic and interactive user experience.

If you are interested in getting a flash website designed, we do advise talking to website designers that specialise in this kind of specialist design work.


Flash website design was introduced onto the internet around 1996, pioneered by Adobe Flash.  The primary use for this sort of technology was for animation, giving a highly animated website that could even be interactive.

Why Has Everyone Not Got Flash?

The problem with flash website design (certainly back in the late 90’s) was that it was very slow to load.  As broadband was just starting to come into being, they would take a long time to load, so even though they looked good (on paper so to speak) people got bored of waiting for them to load, and search engines also saw them as slow and sluggish.  Also you would need the latest form of Adobe.

What About Now?

There is mixed opinion about them even now.  Many design, fashion and animation companies do use flash website design to show off their designs or products.  However, even with super-quick broadband, they can still be slow.  As technology has moved on since 1996, flash website design has moved on, and broadband has moved on, so they should load fine; however, there are some that do not.

What Is The Solution

If you really want flash website design, but do not want a slow website that people get bored of loading.  Search engines downgrade, then incorporating some features may be a good compromise.  This should overcome a lot of the problems that traditionally surround them.

What About SEO?

SEO for a flash website design is difficult as it is not quite the same as SEO for a normal non-flash site.  However if you have a website that uses flash features on it, this is something quite different, and it should be the same as a normal non-flash site.

Useful Advice

Find a design agency that you like the look of, and have a look through their portfolio.  This will give you a feel for the sort of projects that they have worked on in the past, and give you a feel for what they can offer.  Ask about perhaps incorporating flash onto a normal website (CMS would probably be best) and how much it would cost.

Macromedia Flash is a great feature, but does need to be used as part of an overall internet strategy, looking at visitor impact and SEO.  Design agencies can offer free advice with regard to what is the best solution and help you in getting the best website set up for your business.

Closing Thoughts

Costs can vary for flash website design, as all agencies set their own fees.  Therefore website design prices will vary significantly based on their overheads, the directors salaries, the number and quality of the staff.  Comparing prices can be very quick, just by completing the form opposite you can get local flash website designers providing prices and useful advice and feedback within a couple of hours.

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