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Marketing For Government OrganisationsDoes Your Government Organisation Need Marketing Help?

Marketing for government organisations is very important.  Both for promotion and also reassurance to the British public.  

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Government departments have come under scrutiny in recent months about over spending; promotional spending is no different.

The MOD was brought into the spotlight about overspending on lightbulbs paying £22 per bulb that could be bought on-line for 65p. 

Also the MOD is also reported to be buying screws for £103 each when they can be bought on line for £2,50. 

Considering the thousands of light bulbs and screws the MOD would use each year across the UK the overspending is massive.  Marketing for government departments covers the MOD.

The MOD and armed forces are just a few of the many ministerial departments and ‘quangos’ that use promotional services.  Such as website design, graphics and brochures, events and exhibitions, PR and all other forms of marketing.

Dynamic Websites

A good website is the heart of marketing for government organisations.  

Considering the number of different ministerial departments there are in the UK.  Every one has it’s own website and many will use external website designers to help to design and produce them.

Maintaining them is also something that many departments require and many use contractors to website development and web maintenance.

Graphic Design

All government departments will have corporate literature, letter heads, leaflets, promotional brochures and all would need to be designed and produced. 

As regulations and services change, there are often new releases that are needed and they often use graphic designers to help to produce designs.  

Graphic design plays an important roll in marketing for government organisations.

Public Relations

PR is an important part of marketing for government organisations.  

Certainly during turbulent times such as these when legislation, spending and even department existence (quangos) is in the media spotlight. 

The PR machine needs to be working (sometimes into overtime) to communicate the news and the PR agencies that the government uses need to be on hand to tackle media questions and scrutiny.  

Certainly as Brexit approaches, marketing for government departments is in overdrive.


Many government departments will have staff internally that can handle incoming calls and also outbound calling.  

However many areas of government will subcontract this work to telemarketing companies that have the staff available to handle 100’s or 1000’s of calls per day. 

This is a cost effective way of allocating funds to cover the running of the various departments.  

Telemarketing does play a roll in marketing for government departments.  Telemarketing for government departments can be expensive however.

Wise Spending

The UK government was the second largest spender on TV advertising, PR and radio advertising in 2009 spending just over half of its budget of £540 million. 

The remainder of the £211 million was spent on other forms of promotion (telemarketing, promotional literature and the like).  

Marketing for government departments is a big income to local marketing companies.

In 2011 there is calls to cut spending in all areas (marketing being one of them) and part of this will mean departments finding new sources of advertising and PR as well as website and printed materials.

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