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Compare Quotes On Telemarketing For Government AgenciesCould Telemarketing Help Support Your Government Agency?

Telemarketing for government agencies has been used for many years now, working hand in hand together.  

Government departments are looking to reduce costs, whilst keeping skills and results to the highest standards.  

Telemarketing for government agencies and departments can be used in a variety of ways, from customer service, problem solving and security issues.

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UK Government Departments

The selection and variation of departments is very wide and diverse, covering all areas of the countries infrastructure, security, health and transport. 

There are over 100 different official bodies and many more QUANGOS that do look for support from the private sector.

  •  Health
  • Transport
  • Trade
  • Security
  • Environmental
  • Members Of Parliament
  • Finance

The list goes on; a very wide and diverse list of organisations and groups that use telephone based support.

Is It Needed?

Most government departments will use inbound telemarketing to field and handle calls from the public. 

Outbound telemarketing is needed and may well be called upon for certain areas of government; but the main sort of calling that is used is inbound calling.  

Telemarketing for government agencies is essential, mainly for cost reasons.  

Recruitment costs, training costs and staff retention are just some of the reasons that government bodies cannot employ and retain staff direct.

Security Issues

The criteria that is of most importance to any government body is security of information. 

There have been many cases whereby public records are leaked into society; so protecting customer records is something that is of high importance.  The internet these days plays a major issue in security breach.

Data protection is used by many agencies, however there are always risks of leaks – something that central departments do need to keep tabs of.  

The introduction of GDPR is also something that is causing frustration and concern for both government bodies and public opinion.

Reducing Costs

Marketing for government organisations is costly, and it is going up all the time.  

Due to the issues in the media, there is the need to look at cost savings.  Government departments are continually looking at cost savings.  

Telemarketing for government agencies and departments is something that certainly can be outsourced to save huge amounts of money.

Very often once a department starts working with a agency, they do not want to change. 

The reason is because the upheaval and administration involved can overtake the savings that are made in the monthly costs. 

However due to the cost cutting that the UK government are looking to do as part of ‘The Big Society‘ there is a need to consider reducing costs.

Paying a fair price for work is important, but it is unwise to stick with the same company and not consider shopping around for cheaper or better alternatives. 

There are over 300 UK agencies (and hundreds overseas) who may be able to offer cheaper and better services.  

One thing to remember is that all marketing companies set their own telemarketing prices, so shopping around for quotes is important.

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