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With over 450 outbound telemarketing companies in the UK to choose from, finding a specialist that can do telemarketing for security companies.  

That is why we are here, to help you get 5 quotes from telemarketing agencies that are experienced in calling in the sector.

Rather than spending time on google looking for agencies, let us help. Just fill in the form to talk to experts that know the security sector.

Why Use Telemarketing?

Around the UK there are hundreds of different kinds of security businesses.   Ranging from personal security (static guards, mobile patrols, CCTV) down to firms that monitor burglar alarms and entrance security systems.  

Competition is high and as technology improves, marketing needs to adapt to keep up.

Inbound Telemarketing For Security Companies

Most security will outsource their inbound telemarketing to experts that can handle responses quickly and professionally and ensure that their clients are dealt with promptly.  

This frees up internal resource and allows you to build your business. Very often telemarketing agents do need to have training on how to control emotional situations in times of danger, disaster or fear.  

This can be done via a marketing training business, or by the client.

Outbound Telemarketing For Security Companies

Many security businesses could use agencies to make outbound telemarketing on a sales basis. 

As security firms are also under the heel of the recession, there is the need to pick up new clients and prospect for new business.  

It does play a key roll in this by contacting larger businesses or private individuals to investigate business opportunities.

Industry Experienced Companies

It is important to find the right kind of company to handle your marketing campaign (inbound or outbound calling).  So as to ensure that the quality is high, but also the reduced need for training and bringing the agents up to speed with how to handle calls.  

Whether you are looking for lead generation or just call handling, the right agency is what we can help you find.

There are a number of marketing agencies that have security marketing experience and a track record of doing calling for industry related businesses.

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