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PR for security companies is very important, due to to growth in the security industry.  The only issue is finding the right public relations agency, as there are thousands of PR companies around the UK.  We always advise using an agency that understands security PR and has done PR for security companies in the past.

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UK Security Firms

Although with the rise of CCTV systems and remote monitoring, the need for mobile security has gone up.

Consider the situation with nightclubs, football games, government offices, secure vans and supermarkets; they all need security staff, armed guards and even guard dogs in some situations.

Rise Of Industry Firms

As the diversity of the security business world has changed, there is a growing need for mobile monitoring.  Despite the use of electronic money transfer, CCTV and remote access, having an actual security guard present and clearly visible is important.  PR coverage for CCTV companies and companies in the security sector is important.

For any business in this market, industry focused media coverage will help.  Even for Mi5 & MI6!  Both will use security PR for dealing with the media.

Competition In The Industry

As the security industry is growing, so to is the competition and the need to stand out.  Many methods are used to achieve this, however one of the most popular forms of marketing is PR.  Security PR is affordable for any security business, even startups.

Why Use Public Relations?

Public relations is a popular form of marketing for many security industry firms due to its relative low cost for return on investment (ROI).  Raising your company profile is one of the best ways of generating new media exposure and encouraging new business.  This is called brand awareness and will generate you repeat customers.  The website design for your security website does need to link into any media campaign, for marketing continuity.

Agencies With Security Experience

For any sector businesses it is advisable to choose a media agency that has a track record of working in the sector.  This could be for CCTV business, mobile protection armoured cars or static guards.  Experience is something that is important when it comes to communicating your message.  

Certainly in terms of delivering a satisfactory ROI it does make practical sense to work with an agency that knows security PR.  This comes from working with a variety of clients in the sector.

Among the thousands of PR agencies around the UK, there are a few with security marketing experience and a knowledge of the protection industry. We recommend obtaining advice from several companies, as near to your locality as possible, to produce an outline campaign that may be costed. It is free to submit the form, and there is no obligation.

One good way to check if a public relations company has got a track record of doing PR for security companies, is to check their client base.  On their website they will showcase clients they work with.  If possible, it would be good to talk to the clients, for 2 reasons.  Firstly, to see if they are current clients.  Secondly, to see if the client is happy with the PR coverage.

Compare Multiple Quotes On Public Relations

As a price comparison website, we do encourage shopping around.  Indeed it is important you finding an industry experienced security PR agency.  However as PR prices do vary (considerably) it is wise to compare quotes.  No media agency is the same, so it is essential to compare quotes.

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