Telemarketing For Training Companies

Telemarketing for training companies is becoming very popular, not only for generating new business, but for brand marketing, lead nurturing and customer relations.  However, the UK has over 450 telemarketing agencies, so finding one that has knowledge of the training sector, one that has skilled staff in talking about training requirements may be hard to find.  However, this is where we can help, by getting you talking with agencies that know about telemarketing for training companies.

Rather than spending time on google looking for agencies, we can help.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from telemarketing companies that have experience in doing telemarketing for training companies.

Training Providers In The UK

The areas that telemarketing can be used are wide and diverse spanning a wide range of business and market sectors:

  • Sales 
  • HR 
  • IT 
  • Accounts 
  • Driver 
  • Leadership & Management
  • Engineering
  • Finance

The fields are diverse and the sector is a competitive and growing one as new companies enter the industry (from experienced people that have decided to go it alone and start up their own companies).

Can Telemarketing Help?

The main thing you will use telemarketing for is lead generation. Due to the growing and competitive nature of the sector the need for aggressive and proactive marketing
You are looking for results, for sales enquiries and sales leads. You could provide the data of the prospects you wish to be targeted (based on their sector of expertise and focus) or the data can be purchased from a list supplier.

Shopping around and comparing telemarketing prices is wise – as all companies set their own fees.

Payment On Results

The ideal for any company would be to work on a payment on results basis; so for every sales enquiry/sales lead that is generated, the company pays a commission. However there are no companies that work on this basis, a few do offer a pay per meeting service.

Compare Quotes On Telemarketing For Training Companies

All marketing companies work differently, and all charge differently. It is advised for you to work with a company that has experience of calling for the sector – that way they should achieve quicker results. With the wide variety of telemarketing agencies around, it is a good idea to compare quotes and shop around.  Remember they are all private companies and are in business to make profit.

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