Social Media Is More Popular In The East Than The West

Social Media Is More Popular In The East Than The WestApparently Social Media Is More Popular In The East Than The West?

Apparently social media is more popular in the East than the West.  According to a report published by accountancy firm KPMG, businesses in developing economies such as China, India and Brazil are 20% – 30% more likely to use social media than companies in the west (such as the UK).

According to reports, around 48% of businesses in the UK use social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with supplier against 83% in China. 

Why Is This The Case?

Why is social media more popular in the East than in the West?  Many businesses in other countries are using social media websites for messaging over e-mail.

Of course security is still a factor to be considered, but many companies are considering how e-mail is going to be used as times goes on.  

Will e-mail be phased out?

 The Chinese are obsessed with taking pictures.  

We have seen this for decades, Chinese people with their cameras.  Now with iPhones and Instagram, it has gone to a whole new level.

In 2020 Tik Tok really came into the frame and is now one of the leading social media websites.

The Growth Of Social Media Influencers

Since the COVID lockdown periods of 2020 we have seen a new career path of social media influencers spring up.

Both people in full time work and the unemployed have become social media influencers an no more so than in the east.  China has a huge number of content creators, not surprising since TikTok is a Chinese owned social media company.

Influencers tend to produce content based on what they are interested in to include some of the following industry sectors:

  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food & Drink
  • Cars
  • History
  • Extreme Sports

Basically any industry sector a business is involved in, there will be a social media influencer out there that can produce content.  This is rated based on the number of followers the influencer has.  They may have 100,000 followers or 3 million.  The more followers the influencer has the more they will get paid, since they have a larger target audience to market your content to.

Social media agencies will take on influencers as ‘remote employees’ ready to be paired with brands that they align with.

Development Of Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is still relatively new in the realm of marketing.  

We have seen Facebook receive offers to be incorporated into larger businesses (which so far have been declined).  

Social media is certainly growing and does seem to be more than the latest buzz, as it grows and incorporates both the consumer and business world in one.

Here are some of the most popular social media platforms with many more to follow as technology moves forwards:

  • Facebook – 2.9 billion users
  • Instagram – 2 billion users
  • Youtube – 2.5 billion users
  • LinkedIn – 1 billion users
  • TikTok – 1.2 billion users
  • X – 541 million users

What does the future hold?  Is social media going to become the new e-mail system?  

Are social media websites going to come together to create a central social media website?  Time will tell.

As of 2012, millions of companies are using social media platforms, from startup plumbers to global banks.

Creativity Is Key

Most of us that scroll through different social media platforms can easily find that time flies, whether it is scrolling through TikTok or looking through friends Facebook pictures.

In fact many MP’s have expressed concern how much time young people are spending on social media, which may cause issues further down the line.

Creativity is key when it comes to content creation, following trends is all good and well but being a trend setter is really what all content creators want to be.

This could be a nose scrunch to a trending song, or the latest dance that everyone wants to copy.

Most content creators are not marketeers, they are just normal people that come up with new and innovative content that people like to watch, engage with or hate comment.

Engaging With Followers

Content creation, as many marketing companies will reinforce is all about engaging with followers.

If you create a new video or picture, and get thousands of comments and questions, it is important to respond.  Whether this is just a polite ‘thank you’ or answering a direct question related to the video/post such as where is the dress from or what type of makeup are you wearing.

Engaging with followers on social media builds trust and loyalty from compete strangers that influencers will never meet in the real world.

Is Social Media Used By Your Business?

Social media marketing is more popular in the East than the West because the East is more switched on to technology.  They lead the way.  

The west is catching up though, thanks to the COVID lockdowns of 2020 whereby many people that were put on furlough took to TikTok to occupy their time.  Many of these people are now full time content creators across all social media platforms.

Is social media being used by your business?  Fill out the form to find out more.

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