Website Design for Fitness Companies

With thousands of website design agencies to choose from, we advise you getting quotes from local web designers, particularly designers that have done website design for fitness companies in the past.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 website designers that know the health and fitness industry.

Do Fitness Companies Need Websites

Websites serve as a powerful tool for any fitness company not just as lead generation tools.  You will use them both for managing existing customers (by providing information about courses, tuition and training, products) and also for drawing in new customers.  Whether you are Les Mills marketing fitness classes, or a freelancer doing bootcamps.  Websites play an important part as a marketing tool.

There are a wide diversity of companies within this industry in the UK, some of which use their sites for actively selling products and services:

  • Fitness Food & Beverage Products
  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Equipment

Other companies (such as gyms, swimming centres) use their sites more for hosting information about resources, facilities, fitness classes.

Features Of Your Site

They need to posses several key features, some of which are core:

  • Design – The design of the site needs to be key.  No-one likes to be on a site that looks lame.
  • Viability – A great looking site with no visitors is a waste of space.  SEO & PPC are good to generate visitors.
  • Jargon – Some visitors to the site may be new, therefore keep things simple
  • Navigation – Some visitors to the site may be new to the net, so keep the layout simple
  • Contact Information – Make contact information clear

Many sites are used by the general public (for gyms, swimming pools, spa’s) and keeping the site clean, simple yet attractive can make it a very effective one (try to hard, to much information and you loose people).

Choosing A Designer

There are tens of thousands of them around, top website designers in London, freelancers working from home in Birmingham and everything in the middle.

Selecting someone that knows the fitness industry is not only logical, but will provide a much better site.  They will understand about fitness marketing, understand the industry and how to target your audience as well as knowing what your competitors are doing.

Meeting up with them may well be helpful (not essential, but it would not hurt); it gives a chance to chat through designs, strategy and objectives face to face.  Also, many companies now use virtual offices, and can make claims on their website (about being able to offer award winning designs) so a visit should lay any fears to rest.

Compare Prices On Website Design For Fitness Companies

Getting a great site that works well is very important, but getting a great site for the best price is more important.

Bear in mind that all set their own rates, and the way they pay for houses, holidays and new cars is from the profit they charge.  Shopping around and comparing quotes should ensure you get the best agency (with industry experience) for the best price instead of getting a bulk standard site and contributing to their next summer holiday.

Website design prices vary considerably, generally freelancers will charge less as they have lower running costs, and larger ones (with plush offices, expensive staff) will charge more.

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