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Website Design For Fragrance CompaniesCompare Web Design For Your Fragrance Company

Website design for fragrance and perfume companies not only helps sell more product, but helps with brand marketing.  

The issue however is finding the best agency for the task.  As there are over 10,000 creative designers around the UK, choosing one could be time consuming.  

We can help, by getting you 5 quotes from local web experts that have experience in doing web design for fragrance and perfume companies.

Features Of Your Site

For all companies in today’s world, a website is essential.  Not just to enable customers to find you and purchase fragrances & perfumes, but also to assist in projecting the image of glamour and quality that you want people to associate with your brand.

There are thousands of fragrances on the market and image is everything; this is why there is so much marketing for perfume companies.  Leading brands such as Chanel and Dior have very impressive sites, to showcase their brand.

What Does Your Website Need?

As all of the marketing around the perfume industry is about identity and a unique fragrance, your website needs to reflect the qualities you wish people to feel associated with when they wear your perfume.  

Feelings of exclusivity, glamour, perhaps mystery and allure; a unique image that is compelling, inspiring and infectious; or alternatively something simple, young and fresh.

Many perfumes fall into the ‘luxury brand’ market, which is reflected in their price; however, some are very standard and may be available at the supermarket or sports shops.  Website design for fragrance brands is important in selling the products.

The website which is created for you needs to reflect this, whichever end of the market that you are targeting.

Choosing A Designer

Selecting someone is tricky as there are so many hundreds to choose from, ranging from freelancers who are based at home, up to larger web agencies in London that work with global brands. 

Most boast award winning status and showcase their best clients in their portfolio, so finding an agency that genuinely meets what you require can be difficult and time consuming.

It is advisable to select someone who has designed sites for companies in this sector previously; talking to them and looking at the examples in their portfolio should give a good impression as to their skills.

Time and care needs to be taken in selecting a web designer, as it is an investment, a shop window that projects your brand.  Rush in or do it wrong, and it could prove an expensive exercise.

The marketing of fragrances does vary from business to business as mentioned, depending on the market in which you are based; whether it be luxury, or supermarket perfume, or even toilet freshener, the site does need to reflect the branding of your company.

Compare Quotes Today

Web design for fragrance brands does not need to be expensive.  Price is always going to be an issue, for any company large or small. 

Prices do vary between all companies; typically the larger the agency, the higher their overheads, more staff costs, larger premises. 

Freelancers do tend to charge less as they have fewer overheads and lower profit margins; however, they will have fewer resources and maybe less experience.

Paying a fair price for a great design is not a problem for many businesses; however, as all designers are in business to make profit, shopping around and comparing quotes is necessary.

For you, our advice would be as follows:

  • Find 3-4 agencies that have industry experience
  • Meet the designer and chat through ideas and strategy
  • Ask for referrals and speak to some of their customers – are they getting a good service and ROI
  • Compare quotes and choose a designer whose designs are inspiring and not overpriced.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice on web design for fragrance and perfume brands.

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