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For any perfume brand, marketing for fragrance companies is essential, as the scent market is so highly competitive.  

From leading brands such as Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein down to startup brands.  

Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian also launch their own brands into the sector.  

As such, marketing for fragrance companies is highly specialist.  

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The sector is one that is growing well and has always been strong, both in the UK and globally.  There is however big competition, which means fragrance companies have to be continually marketing their brands.

The recession has had an impact on the industry.  But due to various promotional techniques, sales, special offers the industry is doing well.

The fragrance sector uses a wide range of tools in order to advertise to the British public both online and offline:

Online Marketing

  • High Spec Websites – To sell direct to the public

All fragrance companies have high spec e-commerce websites in place in order to generate and take orders that can be posted to clients all around the UK.

Websites play a big part in marketing for fragrance companies.

Many are offering ‘perfume stores’ whereby they act as an online shop selling not just one brand, but a range of fragrance brands for discount.  

Popular websites would be the Fragrance Shop. It is best for you to use website designers in the fragrance industry. 

Designers that have experience in the fragrance market.  Often buying perfumes online is cheaper than in the shops, so the websites need to be easy to navigate.  

Website design and layout are an important factor.

  • Internet Marketing

You need to ensure that your website is found, that people are visiting you and purchasing. 

For this there are a number of activiites that can be done in order to ensure that their websites are found on searches for your products.  

Internet marketing is a big part of marketing for fragrance companies since most people shop online (especially around Christmas).

One online tool that all companies utilise is SEO (search engine optimisation) and better to use a specialist SEO for fragrance companies rather than any old SEO agency.

PPC advertising is also something that many fragrance companies will use.  Due to the competition in the industry getting onto page 1 is difficult and requires constant work and resource. 

Many do use PPC companies in the fragrance industry, ones that know the market and work with a number of clients in the sector.

Offline And Traditional Promotion

Advertising and PR are continual wheels that are turning for the marketing for fragrance companies.  

As each fragrance seeks to build their brand strength through TV and visual promotion (magazines, billboards etc.).

  • Your Website

Your website is possibly the most important part of your marketing campaign.  Fragrance website design really effects the number of people buying direct.  

It is great if people buy your perfumes in shops, better if they come direct.

  • TV Advertising

Many brands use TV advertising slots on TV in order to advertise your products. 

Getting the public used to the brand, to the adverts all help in branding and advertising.  TV advertising plays an essential roll in the marketing for fragrance companies.

  • Magazine Advertising

Pick up any women’s magazine and chances are there will be dozens of perfume adverts (sometimes with free samples). 

Magazine advertising is a big part of creating brand awareness and raising your brands profile through visual marketing.  This does not necessarily influence sales, just creates visual awareness.

  • Public Relations

Public relations is a big part of marketing for fragrance companies.  

Fragrance PR is a strong tool that has links to the other forms of promotion (TV, billboards etc.) and the PR campaign is leading the brand on the journey as the brand develops.  

Many fragrance brands use the display adverts in the London tube network to advertise.  This gets millions of views a day.

  • Graphics And Brochures

Part of the magic of perfumes and fragrances is their packaging.  Graphic design and artwork for perfumes is almost as important as the scent itself.  

Using a designer that understands how to send the subliminal message through design is important.

How Much Will Marketing For Fragrance Companies Cost?

Due to the competitive nature of the perfume industry, there does need to be a significant spend both to drive sales and also brand development.

Considering the product, companies are always coming up with new and innovative promotional methods to advertise products and recreate their scents.

The cost of marketing for fragrance companies will vary significantly.  Partly due to the type of marketing that is used, the amount of marketing, but also the agency.  All agencies set their own fees, so costs for the same campaign will vary significantly.

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