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When considering website design for healthcare companies, the problem facing you is that there are over 10,000 website designers to consider.  Finding the ‘right’ agency for your healthcare business may take time.  We can help. by getting your quotes from 5 local website designers that have experience in doing website design for healthcare companies.

Just fill in the form talk to website designers who have experience of website design in the healthcare and medical sector.

Features Of The Website

Every healthcare business is different.  So each will need different features on their websites.  Medical and healthcare companies may need to consider some of the following

  • Payment Gateways – to allow customers to buy medical or healthcare products from the website
  • Images – High quality images or pictures of your products
  • Video – Video clips demonstrating how some of your products can work
  • Remote Login – Maybe your staff need to access the website remotely

Your website is an essential marketing tool, but as the healthcare sector is under such financial strain, websites are starting to play a more important role in marketing.

Marketing for healthcare also needs to be considered alongside the website, areas such as paid advertising, SEO, social media outreach, PR – these are all services that work alongside your website as part of the wider marketing footprint.

How Much Would The Website Cost?

Website design prices do vary from all designers.  It is difficult to put a specific price on a website, as so much varies:

  • How many pages are needed
  • What level of design skill is needed
  • What functionality is needed (web-mail access, remote login)

Larger businesses need larger and more corporate websites, that may have complex programs running in the background; smaller companies may require a more basic entry level website.

All website designers are independent companies, therefore set their own fees based on profit margins.  There is the need therefore to shop around and compare prices.

Choosing The Right Designer

There are tens of thousands of designers around the UK to choose from.  However, it is strongly advised to select one that already has a track record in website design for healthcare companies.

It is wise to look through an agency’s website portfolio, to have a feel for the quality of their work, but also what kind of clients they have previously worked with.  If they have worked with hospital supply companies, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a dental firm, then they have already worked in the healthcare sector and thus would be a good choice.

Get Multiple Quotes

It is wise to receive a few quotes from different website design agencies, and also a few proposals to compare.  This should give you a feel for the prices that are being charged, and the design skills that may be expected for the investment.

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