Website Design For Holiday Businesses

Website design for holiday companies is essential.  Since less people go into the local travel agent to book their holiday (as they did in the good old days).  But do it online either direct, or via travel websites like Lastminute.  Having a good website for any holiday business is therefore essential.
However the problem is, there are over 10,000 website design agencies  to choose from.  We can help, by getting you quotes from 5 local website designers that work with holiday companies.

Just fill in the form to talk with website designers who have experience in the holiday and travel industry.

Features Of A Holiday Website

Pictures, pictures, videos and more pictures.  That is what people want to see when booking their holiday.  Over 90% of people use the internet to look for holidays, therefore if you do not have a website, you can consider yourself out of their reach.  Your website needs to be attractive, professional, simple to navigate, and able to compete with other travel companies.

Holiday booking websites also are your competitors, so your website needs to look more attractive (and be as easy to find) as them.

How Much Would It Cost?

Website design for holiday companies does not need to cost the earth, some of the big ones are really expensive, but some are very affordable.  Website design prices do depend on a few different factors:

  • How many pages are needed?
  • Is on-line booking is needed?
  • The number & quality of photos
  • The back end development on the site
  • The designer you choose, as all have different rates and profit margins

Some of the large travel companies will have very expensive websites, but some just have basic ones if the holiday company is targeting a niche sector (such as adventure holidays in Kenya).

Choosing An Agency

As there are thousands of creative website design agencies around the UK, it is wise to select one that has experience in doing website design for holiday companies, and have a track record of success.

Having a talk to the owner about their client base, or looking at their client portfolio should give you a feel for the markets they are experienced in.  If the website designer is experienced in marketing for holiday companies, you should recognise some of their clients as competitors.

Your website is communicating a message, you need your holiday visitors viewing the right message.

Get Quotes On Website Design For Holiday Companies

A final suggestion is to obtain a few quotes from different designers.  By considering 3-4 design proposals, you can have a feel for what you like and the costs that are charged.  Compare quotes on website design for holiday companies from local designers.

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