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Website Design For Insurance CompaniesCompare Quotes On Web Design For Your Insurance Company

Website design for insurance companies needs to be done with one thing in mind, customers buying insurance through you rather than a competitor.  

The UK has hundreds of insurance companies and numerous insurance comparison websites.

Since more or less all insurance in bought using insurance websites (either direct on the website, or a call following a visit to the site), the website has to be the main marketing tool.

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Does Your Website Work Well?

Gone are the days of people going through yellow pages and calling up random insurance companies for quotes.  They either go direct to your website  or though a price comparison site to find insurance (car insurance, home, pet insurance etc.

Does your insurance website work as well as it can do?  Is it generating enough enquiries? Maybe talking to a marketing company, someone experienced in the insurance sector that can look at conversions?

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

For this you will need to draw up a brief, or plan, of what sort of site you are looking for, before approaching several web designers for costings.

You should consider what will be involved, not only in terms of having the best design, but also that it will need to be updated daily and have SEO work performed daily.  Smaller more local companies or brokers do not need such dynamic websites; however, they do need websites to have certain features:

  • The ability to find a quote on-line
  • The ability to allow customers to login to their account
  • The ability to modify a policy
  • Support and customer service features
  • Legal information and links to industry support

All of these features will take time to create and update, manage and support.

They are one of the most expensive forms of site to create, owing to the tasks that are required to done on a daily basis. Most insurance companies opt to get listed on price comparison sites, such as confused, and gocompare, so that quotes are obtained through them.

Choosing The Right Agency

It is advised to talk to web designers who have experience in the insurance industry, as they will know what sort of designs work and what features are needed.  If they already know about insurance marketing, they should be able to produce quicker results.

Website design prices do vary across the many agencies around the UK,  so it is necessary to shop around and get quotes.  As all web designers set their own fees, comparing quotes is essential to getting the best website for the cheapest price.

Get Multiple Quotes On Website Design For Insurance Companies

Comparing quotes is noting new to insurance companies; for website design compare quotes from local website designers that offer website design for insurance companies.  

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