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Compare Quotes On Marketing For Insurance CompaniesWould Marketing For Your Insurance Business Be Helpful?

Marketing for insurance companies is essential in such a busy and competitive insurance market.  

The difficulty is finding the right marketing agency to handle the campaign, as there are thousands of marketing companies in the UK.  

We do advise working with an agency that knows about marketing for insurance companies.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from marketing agencies that know the insurance sector. 

Why Do You Need Marketing?

Marketing for insurance companies is essential to you standing out.  

Due to the sector being so wide and competitive, the need to stand out is essential.  The insurance company that shouts loudest is normally the one that get’s noticed. 

Consider some of the leading  providers:

  • Direct Line
  • AXA
  • Churchill

All insurance companies advertise and market a lot, through many different mediums.  Even the ABI uses marketing.

This way they get brand exposure and airtime, meaning that they become household names that people learn to accept and trust (even if they do not use them).

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

The costs will vary a lot, depending on the resources available. 

A startup insurance company may only wish to use local promotion and attract local custom; a national provider could easily spend millions on marketing.  

Marketing for insurance companies does not need to be expensive, but shopping around for quotes is essential.

What Kinds Of Marketing Are Available

There are many different forms of marketing that are available to you, some are essential, some are only helpful:

A Dynamic And Engaging Website

Websites are an essential tool, as 95% of all quotes go through your website.  The insurance industry has moved on-line from the days of calling around call centres for quotes.  

Websites for insurance companies do need to be automated as much as possible, whilst allowing the chance for people to have the personal contact if required.  

Website design and how the website functions are key factors in marketing for insurance companies.

SEO For The Website

Search engine optimisation for insurance companies is key to being found on the internet.  

However as the industry is so competitive, you could spend tens of thousands of pounds on SEO but never get to page 1. 

It is going to be hard work, but balanced against the costs of other types of promotion, may well be a good choice.  

Considering search terms that people use will determine you coming up in searches. Marketing for insurance companies is very much based around being found online.


Advertising is central to marketing for insurance companies.  Advertising is the shot gun reaching people of all demographic, age, location and gender. 

The most popular form of advertising for insurance companies has to be TV advertising and is highly successful once combined with PPC or SEO.


Telemarketing is used by many insurance providers both for handling inbound and outbound calling. 

Most will outsource their telemarketing work to companies that have large call centers and are capable of handling large volumes of calls throughout the day (or at night).  

Telemarketing for insurance companies despite the internet age, is still a vital part of the marketing for insurance companies.

Public Relations And The Media

PR is very important, both for communicating good news, dulling down bad news and reacting to changes in the financial industry. 

For any provider, finding using an insurance PR agency is important rather than any old PR agency that is local.  As there are hundreds of PR agencies in the UK, we do advise talking to one that knows about marketing for insurance companies.

Do You Need Help With Any Of These Areas Of Marketing?

If you need help with one or more of these areas of marketing, just fill in the form and we will get you advice and quotes from experienced marketing agencies that know this market.

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