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When considering a web design agency for your new site (or website re-design) we do advise considering agencies that have done website design for travel agents in the past.  

From the many thousands of creative agencies there are in the UK, choosing someone that knows the travel industry is not only important but essential.  

Marketing for tourism companies is important for the UK economy.

Just fill in the form to receive advice and quotes for web site design from agencies who work in the holiday and travel sector.

Top End Web Design

The travel industry has been revolutionised by the internet.

Ten and more years ago people would first go into a travel agent, sit down and flick through glossy brochures while an agent checked for flight availability, car hire, insurance and hotel rooms. 

There was also Ceefax, which was a BBC service that broadcast holidays for people who did not want to go into a travel agent.

These days people can look at hotel pictures, consider previous guest reviews on Trip Advisor, go there by Google Earth for a quick look round, check flights, buy insurance, car hire and book hotels, all on-line.

For holiday companies, tour operators and travel websites, having an effective site is very much a central part of your business, and without it many companies would not be able to continue in business. Having a pukka site plays a big role in whether holiday planners stay on your site, or go to a competitor.

There are also holiday price comparison sites, that compare holidays and aim to identify the best package and cheapest holiday for customers (like lastminute).  Even though you are appearing on these sites, if your site does not tick the boxes, people will leave and go elsewhere.

Choosing A Local Web Design Expert

Many industry companies face the difficulty of which one to select; go with a referral, or someone local, or somebody who is cheap?

The UK has around 20,000 creative web designers, of all shapes and sizes, from top website designers in London who work with global firms, down to freelancers that work from home and work mostly with local SME’s.

It is advisable for you to work with someone who has already produced sites within this industry, and has some travel marketing knowledge.  This should produce a more effective site that both fits in to the industry, yet stands out against competitors.  The sector is very competitive and having a USP is essential for all companies.

People are prepared to spend a lot of money on their holidays, and your site does need to reflect quality and credibility.

By flicking through a portfolio, you should be able to see what projects they have worked on in the past.  However, a meeting them would be very wise, as companies can claim anything on their sites, may only occupy a virtual office, so that you never know what is true and what is not.

Compare Multiple Web Design Prices

All web design agencies set their own fees, therefore shopping around and comparing web design prices is necessary, so as to avoid overpaying someone.

By selecting 3-4 industry experienced agencies, considering their advice and obtaining quotes, you should find the best one for the best price. To get free quotes just fill in the form above; this is a free service, without obligation.

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