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There are over 400 website designers in Berkshire, ranging from larger website design studios that work with global brands, through medium and smaller designers right down to freelancers who have just left school, 

There are around 200 marketing companies in Berkshire that offer web design services, as part of a broader range of marketing skills, such as branding, digital marketing, advertising and SEO work, to businesses that are looking for a wider marketing support than just site design.  

If you were interested in getting media attention, there are plenty of PR companies in Berkshire that could help.

Choosing An Agency

There are so many website designers in Berkshire to choose from, selecting one can be a difficult and time consuming process.

  • Do you choose someone local?
  • Do you find one who knows your industry?
  • What about cost – do you go with a cheap designer?
  • Are they all the same, and does it matter?

There are lots of questions businesses might ask when choosing a web designer, where to start? For businesses in the south or west of Berkshire, there is the added issue of choosing a web designer in Hampshire , which has around 1000 web designers.

Selecting website designers in Berkshire is something that is personal to each business; as the points above show, each business has their own criteria. 

For some price may be a factor, for others having one that knows their market may be important.

We do advise you using someone local, as having a face to face meeting can achieve a lot.  It gives the chance to brainstorm ideas, have a look at competitors websites and looking at different pictures together.

Using a web designer that knows your industry is also helpful; if the designer has worked in your market, they they will know what designs work and hopefully what kind of website your customers will respond to.  There are many web designers in Wokingham that can provide you with quotes.  

Compare Prices Today

Price is always a factor when it comes to getting a site designed, and website design prices do vary a lot.  A site could cost £150 or over £150, 000 depending on the features it has, the number of pages it has, the level of design, and so forth.  

Marketing agencies set their own fees, so there is no standard price for web design. Websites need to be considered as a your shop window, often the first thing that prospective customers will see.

In this technological age, most people will normally check out a website before anything else, so the website does need to project some of the qualities of the business.

Care does need to be given when using a cheap website designer as the site does need to reflect the companies values, without looking cheap.  Sometimes it is worth paying a little more for a quality design, rather than trying to cut corners.

For free advice and quotes from several local web design companies in Berkshire, just complete the form opposite.

A Few Words About Berkshire

Berkshire is an ancient county in the south of England, situated to the west of London, and often referred to as ‘the Royal County of Berkshire’, owing to the presence of Windsor and the royal residences there.

The county’s first mention is in 860 AD, and takes it’s name from the large number of Box trees in the forest, thought to lead to the old Celtic name of ‘Bearroc‘, meaning ‘hilly’.

It seems a leafy and tranquil county these days, in the non built up areas. However, the county has seen many battles over the centuries, starting with Alfred The Great’s battle against the Danes.

The old county town was Abingdon, but in 1867 this was changed to Reading. The areas of Berkshire are divided into the following districts:

  • Bracknell Forest – population roughly 120,000
  • Reading – population roughly 150,000
  • Slough – population roughly 120,000
  • West Berkshire – population roughly 150,000
  • Windsor & Maidenhead – population roughly 150,000
  • Wolkingham – population roughly 160,000

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