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There are over 300 PR agencies in Berkshire, ranging from smaller PR agencies that work from rented offices, down to smaller freelancers that work from home.  

Berkshire has around 400 marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services.  

Services including web design, SEO, and marketing support, generally provided to larger businesses that need that extra support with their marketing.  

There are also a wide number of website designers in Berkshire that can deal with SME’s and larger business websites.

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How Public Relations Can Help

Public relations is an area of marketing that can ring many benefits to many companies in Berkshire.  

Here are a few things that public relations can bring your business:

  • Increased Brand Recognition – The UK is becoming ever more crowded in the business world.
  • Connecting With Your Audience – Knowing your target audience is important and connecting with them.
  • Building Your Brand Image – To stand out in your market you need a strong brand.
  • Maintaining Brand Reputation – PR helps maintain your brands reputation
  • Increased Visibility – PR helps increase your product/services visibility.
  • Attract Investors – If investors can see your business growing they may well seek to join you.
  • Build Relationships – Your reputation can be enhanced with public relations coverage.
  • Short Term And Long Term Goals – Public relations can bring both short term and long term benefits.

The world has changed with the landing of social media and public relations can work very well with social media coverage.

Most people do not use the old fashioned traditional magazines but do use social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook.  If your press releases are available to different social media platforms you can reach millions of consumers that you might not have.

Choosing The Right PR Agency

For businesses that are in the county, working with a local PR agency in Berkshire is only logical.  Rather than one that is several hours car journey away, and this will help in the quality of service provided.  

There is always extra effort that is put in for ‘local customers’.  If you are free to drop in and visit the agency at a moments notice, they are much more likely to push for results for you.

When considering PR agencies in Berkshire, thought needs to be given to their experience.  Do they know about your industry?  Have they worked in your market before?  If they have, they will know the trends.  

They will understand how the sector works, know which media groups to talk to, and understand what your competitors are doing. This is so as to position you in the most effective way.  

If the agency knows your sector they are much more likely to get you quicker results, as there will be no learning curve. Meeting the agency regularly is a good idea and certainly in the early days.  

To ensure that they understand your business and campaign 100%, and to show them that you mean business.  To get the best value for money, meet with the company regularly.  Review how they are doing, set performance measures and push for results.

Before signing up, it would be wise to ask for some references.  How is the agency performing for their current customers; are they producing results or ROI?  

By talking to ‘current’ customers, you can get a real time update as to how the agency is performing and what you can expect.

Compare Prices From A Few PR Companies In Berkshire

All public relations agencies are different, and therefore costs will vary.  So comparing PR prices is wise.  They have staff, directors and sometimes shareholders, all paid for by customers fees.

Finding a great local agency that can deliver consistent results for a decent price is what you need.  Rather than choosing someone on a hit or miss strategy.

Just fill in the form to get advice and quotes from 5 local PR agencies in Berkshire that know your industry.

A Few Words About Berkshire

Often referred to as ‘The Royal County Of Berkshire’, due to Windsor Castle, it is a county in the south of England just west of London.  

It is 487 sq miles in area, and has a population of roughly 1 million according to the council stats. Berkshire is considered one of the oldest counties in England.  The main cities in Berkshire are Reading, Slough and Windsor.

The definition of its boundaries dating from around 840 AD, with the county town being Reading.  

The name is thought to come from an old Celtic word ‘Bearroc’ meaning ‘hilly’.

It has seen many battles over the centuries dating right back to King Alfred.  

The English Civil War had numerous battles in the country; Newbury saw a couple of battles.

Industry is very much geared to high technology and IT.  Agriculture is dairy based, and the Berkshire is famous for its cheese.

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