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There are over 50 website designers in Colchester, many of which are smaller agencies and freelancers who are working from home. 

Thanks to the University of Essex, there is a lot of creative talent in the area.

There are a few larger agencies, but many of the larger ones are based closer to London, or other larger towns in the area, such as Ipswich.

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How Much Would A Website Cost?

This is a difficult question, as there are a number of factors to consider:

  • How many pages do you want?
  • Do you need a blog to be updated regularly?
  • Do you require a payment gateway?
  • What about ongoing marketing?
  • Do you need videos on it?
  • What about social media updates?

If you are an established company, using a well established design firm is wise.  If you are a new business, a basic website is possibly the best in the early days.

The Next Step

Once your website is set up, you need to consider your website content.  Are you writing the content yourself, or would you need the agency to write it?

Marketing is what is really needed, after all, what is the point in having a website if no-one visits it?

In the short term, getting adverts showing on the major search engines like Google and Bing fo your best keywords.  This is called PPC advertising (pay per click) where each time someone clicks on your advert, you are charged a small fee.

In the longer term, SEO is necessary, which can take time for you to appear on the search engines.

Choosing From Designers In Colchester

For businesses that are based in and around the town, using a web designer in Essex is better than one in London, or even further away  There is a loyalty that comes with working with someone local.

Being able to visit them and chat through ideas, objectives and layouts is always good.  

Above all to establish a relationship with them, so that they can come alongside and become part of your business. 

We have put together 7 tips for choosing a web designer, as it is not easy to find the right one.

Compare Multiple Prices

All designers set their own rates; prices vary depending on the kind of website you require.  

Comparing quotes and shopping around for prices is part and parcel of today’s society.  Web design prices do vary considerably.

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