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There are over 50 website designers in Colchester, many of which are smaller agencies and freelancers who are working from home. 

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There are a few larger firms, but many of the larger ones are based closer to London, or other larger towns in the area, such as Ipswich.

There are a number of PR agencies in Colchester that can help your website with media attention.  

There are around 20 marketing companies in the area that offer this as part of a broader range of marketing services.   Services such as graphic design, advertising and  SEO, to larger companies that need a wider marketing support.  

There are also branding companies in Colchester that offer web work as part of a broader range of marketing.

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Local Design Agencies

We do suggest working with local website designers in Colchester, as meetings would be easier than working with a website designer in London or Manchester.  

Meetings play an important roll in the design process, as it gives you a chance to meet the design team, see their offices and build that relationship with the agency.  

You need to ensure that you are the number 1 client of the designer, that they do everything they can to ensure you get the very best site possible.  

There are also some great website designers in Braintree that may be of interest.

Choosing From Creative Agencies In The Town

For businesses that are based in and around the town, using a web designer in Essex is better than one in London, or even further away  There is a loyalty that comes with working with someone local.

Being able to visit them and chat through ideas, objectives and layouts is always good.  

Above all to establish a relationship with them, so that they can come alongside and become part of your business. 

Meetings are always advised on the grounds that so many do claim to be ‘the UK’s top web agency” and ‘award winning’; so meeting them and get a feel for exactly what qualifications the designer has and the experience that they have is very worthwhile.

Having a good feel for the kind of site that is needed is important, as there are different sorts of websites that do different things.  Some designers specialise with simple sites, some with more complex ones.

Choosing a local expert that has experience in your industry is also a good thing.   If they have designed sites that are similar to yours, they should have a better idea of what will work.

Compare Multiple Prices

They all set their own rates; prices vary depending on the kind of site required.  

Larger sites that have lots of pages will cost more than basic one that only have a few pages.

Smaller agencies tend to charge less than ones that have lots of staff, big offices and higher profit margins.

Comparing quotes and shopping around for prices is part and parcel of today’s society and is important if one is to avoid overpaying; no-one likes the idea of adding to someone’s next holiday.

A Few Words About The Town

Colchester is considered to be the oldest town in England, situated in the south east of the country just north east of London, and has a population of around 100,000.

It was mentioned by Pliney The Elder, who was a Roman author and lived from 23 AD – August 25, 79 AD.  It was an important town even before the Roman invasion in 43 AD. Colchester was then the Roman capital of Britain.  

Known as ‘Camulodunum’, until it was attached by Boudicca in 61 AD as part of the ‘peasants rebellion’.  

It was to be replaced by London becoming the capital. When the Normans invaded Britain in 1066, they build a Norman castle in Colchester over an existing Roman temple. 

In 1189, it was granted a royal charter by the King Richard I (Richard the Lion heart). 

The town celebrated 800 years of having it’s royal charter in 1989.  During the fourteenth century it was a centre for the woollen cloth industry and much was exported to Europe.  

This helped Colchester recover from the Black Death, which wiped out around a third of the British population in 1348 – 1350.

During the civil war of 1648, Colchester was held by royalist forces.

The town was surrounded by the parliamentarians and when the defences were breeched, the leaders of the town defence ( Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle) were executed in the grounds of the castle.  A small obelisk was erected to mark the deed.

In 1864, the town was hit by an earthquake which measured 4.7 on the Richter scale, causing much damage to local buildings.

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