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There are around 500 website designers in Cornwall.  These range from smaller design companies and freelancers, up to larger marketing agencies in Cornwall that offer web design as part of a range of marketing services.

If you needed media support, there are many PR companies in Cornwall that can support you.

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Local Agencies

As many people look to re-locate to the county for its open space, its natural that many website designers have chosen to relocate here.  As design can be done at a distance, it makes the area an ideal place for creative companies to be based. 

Currently there are over 300 web designers dotted around Cornwall, some in the main cities such as Plymouth and Truro, and some working from home.

Choosing Someone Local

There are big advantages in choosing a web designer that is local, the main one being that you can visit them without too much difficulty. 

Travelling right across to visit a designer in London or up in Liverpool would mean a long trek, and as there are hundreds of great companies in the area, it is only logical to choose someone local.

Having that personal relationship with a local company means that you should receive a higher quality service;  people tend to work harder for local clients, as there is a kind of allegiance and accountability. 

Visiting the agency is advised, certainly in the early days to put a face to a name, as it makes the whole communication process much smoother.  E-mail and phone is great, but cannot really replace a face to face meeting.  However as COVID has put a stop to many face to face meetings, a Zoom meeting is a good alternative.

Another thing to consider when choosing website designers in Cornwall is their experience in your industry.  

Again with 100’s to choose from it only makes sense to select someone who has worked with companies similar to your’s before.  As the designs should be more suited to your sector. 

They should then know your industry, know your competitors and how to position you in the sector to provide you with the best exposure.

Compare Multiple Quotes Todayl

All agencies are unique, all with different backgrounds and all offering different website design prices.  It is advisable to shop around and obtain quotes, as agencies can vary a lot in costs. 

It is true that you do get what you pay for, and indeed good companies do not come cheap; but there is also the fact to remember that all are there to make profit, and therefore the need to compare is wise.

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Cornwall At A Glance

This ‘peninsular county’, which constitutes the lower leg and trotter of the pig that is England and Wales, has a population of just under a million people, and a history stretching back to ancient man. 

It is famous for its tin mining, its green fields, and its cream teas.  It has long been known as a place of escape and retreat for the British people, a place for holidays, for relaxing and for reflecting on the purpose of life. 

Most of the county is owned by the Duchy Of Cornwall, that is Prince Charles or the eldest son of the reigning monarch, which is a institution dating back to the Black Prince. 

Despite the stigma, it only has an income of 24% from tourism, the remainder of the county’s income coming from other areas.  It has some of the richest people in the country, as well as some of the poorest areas.

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