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There are over 50 PR agencies in Cornwall, many of which are smaller public relations firms and freelancers working from home – people that have decided to go for the quiet life and seek out a work life balance. 

Cornwall also has around 70 marketing companies that offer media services as part of a marketing package to companies, including things like branding, digital marketing, SEO, and advertising.

For decades the county has been a retreat for many people, so the chance of setting up a PR firm and working from home has become attractive for many journalists.  There are also hundreds of small website designers in Cornwall offering cost effective web solutions should you need web support.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from PR companies in Cornwall that know your industry sector. 

Choosing An Agency In The County

Not all PR agencies in Cornwall are the same, all carry different skills, approaches and experience. Selecting an agency is about finding a marketing partner.  Someone that can effectively communicate and showcase your business in the local/national/international media.  

Depending on which area you want to target (local/national/international) will influence your choice of agency.  Some only work with the local media whereas some firms have a more international reach.  

Selecting the right agency with the right skills is essential for an effective campaign.  Another point to consider is whether the company knows your industry (if you are a medical company, have they worked in the medical industry, if you are a legal firm, do they know the legal sector etc.). 

If they know your market place, they will know which media groups to approach.  Which publications to speak to and who to contact.  This should lead to a more targeted campaign, but also a quicker campaign in terms of desired outcomes.

Compare Public Relations Prices

Not all PR agencies in Cornwall charge the same rates; all are private businesses out to make a profit.  For this reason, shopping around and comparing quotes is essential to avoid over spending. PR prices do vary depending on the size of the firm.  

Generally the larger the agency, the larger their fees.  As they have more staff, more expensive offices, more directors, higher profit margins. As with many things, the cheapest price does not mean the best solution.  

It is better to pay a little more and have an effective PR company rather than cutting corners and getting someone on the cheap.  If you would like to talk to some local companies just get in touch.

A Few Words About Cornwall

Cornwall is located in the south west of England.  It is mostly owned by HRH the Prince of Wales as part of the Duchy of Cornwall, which dates back to 1377 and the Black Prince. His father Edward III wanted his first born son to have an estate and income. Cornwall has a population of around 700,000 (according to the local council) and has been occupied from prehistoric times.

Cornwall has been peopled by a variety of folk, from the Celts, to the Normans & Bretons from northern France, to the Welsh; so a real mixture of cultures and languages make Cornwall a diverse and mixed place.

The name comes from the Roman name for the Celtic tribe in the region ‘Cornovii’ which means ”Peninsula’ ‘ – a reference to the topography of the area.

Much of the historic industry has been linked to the tin mines and agriculture, but as the tin mines closed, this switched to farming and tourism. Cornwall is famous for a number of things:

  • Cornish Pasty – which was a part meat, potato and swede pie, and part apple pie (main meal and desert in one) that had a thick pastry on the edge for the dirty fingers to grasp (and discard) and use as a handle.  This was designed initially for the miners, so they had a meal to take with them for the day; but is now an international delicacy.
  • Cream Tea – thick Cornish cream, jam and scone (with a cup of tea) is known around the world as being quintessentially British.
  • The Eden Project – An ecological reserve given over to nature; an old mine that has been converted into an ecology park.
  • Piracy – The Cornish coast was a popular place for early pirates to use as an English base when visiting the Caribbean and attaching Spanish merchant ships.  The British government gave letters of marque for pirates to operate as freelance mercenaries to plunder Spanish galleons (and then share the bounty) at one point.

Compare Quotes

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies in Cornwall that have experience and knowledge of your industry sector.  

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency, for the lowest price.  PR is a great way to raise brand awareness and get the marketing wheels turning.

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