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There are a wide range of website designers in Coventry, from freelancers to full service marketing agencies that offer website design along with a range of marketing services.  

Thanks to Coventry University, there is a lot of marketing talent nearby.

It is important to find the right agency for your business, however which one do you choose?

This is where we can help, by getting you a few quotes to compare.

Just fill in the form to receive free quotes and advice from web design companies in Coventry that know your industry sector.

We have put together 7 few tips in choosing a web designer in Coventry that can help you.

How Much Would A Website Cost?

This is not an easy question, as there are a number of factors to consider:

  • How many pages would you need?
  • Did you require a payment gateway?
  • What about updates or blogging?
  • Did you need any videos?
  • What about social media updates?

If you are an established company, using an agency is wise.  If your business is quite new and funds are tight, a smaller agency or freelancer may be best.

What About Your Website Content?

Your website content is a very important thing.  What is on your homepage, your products/services, your contact page.  Are you writing these pages yourself or do you need the agency to write them for you?

Consider Your Marketing

Once it is created, this is where the work really starts.  You need to get visitors & customers to it.

This is done by doing two things, SEO & PPC.  

PPC advertising is good for the short term, as advertising can be set up within the same day.  There are a few web designers in Coventry that can handle this, however it may be better to talk to a specialist PPC agency in Coventry that knows your market.

Medium to long term, SEO needs to be done.  This is because SEO (search engine optimisation) does take time, months in some cases depending on how competitive your industry is.

SEO is a specialist marketing discipline, so talking with a few SEO companies in Coventry is also something we can help you with.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Website design prices vary from agency to agency.  By comparing quotes from local experts, you can ensure that you are not overpaying a firm. 

The cheapest website will not necessarily be the best, but by getting a variety of quotes in from local agencies that have a track record of working in your industry you can be assured to get the best deal.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from a few web designers in Coventry that know your industry sector.

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