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There are around 200 PR agencies in Essex, many of which are smaller agencies that work from rented offices, or freelancers that work from home.  

There are many specialist PR companies in Essex that work with focused industry sectors. For larger companies, many have gone to nearby cities such as London or to the north in Bedford.  The community is mostly dominated by smaller more bespoke PR agencies in Essex.

There are also around 200 marketing companies in Essex that offer PR as part of a broader range of marketing support services.  Such as animation, graphic design and web design services, generally to larger companies that are looking for a wider package of marketing support.  

If you needed web help, there are hundreds of website designers in Essex that can help.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from5 local PR companies in Essex that know your industry.

Choosing A Partner To Work With

For businesses that are based in Essex, it is best to work with someone local rather than travelling all the way into London, or going miles up north to use one.

The internet age has led to businesses using companies that are spread far and wide.  Not just in the UK, but out-sourcing to India and the USA for example.  However there are many benefits that come with working with a local agency.

Meetings With PR Agencies In Essex

Meetings play an important part in the communication process.  A face to face meeting can cover so much more ground than is possible with just a phone call or an exchange of e-mails.  It gives a chance for the ‘creative juices’ to flow and for ideas to be thrown around. 

Strategy can be discussed and objectives set at the meeting.  Of course review meetings are useful to discuss how effective the campaign is, and chat about any improvements that can be made.

A meeting also gives you the chance to ensure that they are all that they claim to be on their website.  As many companies can embellish and exaggerate their size, experience and skills.  It is important to ensure that the firm is not really some inexperienced youth working from home.

Size Of Agency

Choosing an agency that is the right size is important.  For new businesses, working with a global firm is not necessary and equally, a global company working with a freelancer agent is not wise. Choosing a company that has the necessary facilities to cater for the campaign is wise.  

Larger PR agencies in Essexalthough they will charge more for their work, do generally have more experience, and a wider reach in their media arm.  Larger firms do have access to national/global media channels, whereas smaller firms deal more with local or national press.

Media Experience

Experience counts for everything as far as press coverage goes.  Selecting a PR agency that knows your market is very important. An agency that knows your industry will know the media channels to market you in.  They will know the publications to talk to, and also have established relationships at those publications.  Which should mean the campaign starts quicker and starts producing results quicker.

Compare Prices On Public Relations

All PR agencies in Essex are independent companies and do set their own fees.  Generally the larger the firm, the more the costs they will have.  Such as those relating to staff and office, and therefore the higher their PR prices will be. 

Smaller agencies tend to have lower running costs and lower profit margins.  Therefore they will charge less for their campaigns, but they may also have less experience and less media clout. Shopping around and comparing quotes is part of our society these days, and comparisons for PR is no different.  As all PR companies in Essex are in business to make profit, comparing quotes is necessary.

A Few Words About Essex

It is a county in the east of England just north east of London.  

The county is 1,420 sq miles in area and has a population of around 1.7 million according to statistics

As it is so close to London, it is a commuter county for many that look to avoid the high housing prices of London.

The name is thought to come from the old English word ‘Eastseaxe’ which means ‘East Saxons’, dating from about 525 AD when the kingdom occupied land north of the River Thames. 

Essex plays host to the oldest recorded British town, which was established by the Romans as Camulodunum.  Better known as Colchester; at one time it was so large that it had it’s own mint.  

The county council was established in 1889 and Essex’s border with London was established in 1965.  

Much of the county is considered rural, as many of the towns serve as commuter towns for people working in London.  

However, it has a broad range of business based in its towns and cities.  Harlow is a centre of electronics, pharmaceutical and science companies.

London Stanstead was constructed in 1943 to help in the war effort.  However when the Second World War ended the commercial companies made use of it. 

As Gatwick and Heathrow are at 99% capacity, Stanstead is becoming a popular airport to fly from.  It also has room to expand, whereas Gatwick and Heathrow do not.

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