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There are over 30 web designers in the Kensington area.  Owing to its location many web agencies from around the UK and overseas may purchase ‘virtual offices’ so as to give the impression of having plush London offices.  

There are many web designers in London that use the front of having a London office in order to project respectability and trust with clients.  

The area has a number of larger web agencies that are well established.  They do work for global firms, such as CNN, Harrods and BMW, rather than smaller start-up businesses in the area.  There are also many web designers in Westminster that can also help.

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Choosing From Web Designers In Kensington

Care is needed in which web design agency is selected. Due to many companies having virtual addresses in London or Kensington, it is difficult to know precisely who you are using unless you visit their offices. There are advantages in having someone in such close proximity, the main one being accountability.

If they are local then you can meet with them and discuss things face to face. Kensington Council takes an active interest in the business in the borough, keeping work local where possible. As there are so many web design companies in Kensington to choose from, it does make sense to select one who has experience in your industry, whether it be finance, retail or taxidermy.

Having sector experience does bring a level of understanding about how the industry operates, so that a more tailored design can be created that has strategy behind it.

Compare Web Design Prices Today

All web design companies in London charge different rates, the larger ones will charge more per hour/month based on their size, their client base and profit margins than the smaller ones.  

As such choosing the website designer needs to be undertaken with the following considerations in mind:

  • Experience – if the designer knows your industry and perhaps has clients in your sector
  • Size – choosing the right size of agency who can accommodate the capacity of work involved
  • Strategy – are you looking for them to bring development and strategy into the design?
  • Cost – web design prices can escalate, so there is the need to shop around

One consideration regarding cost is that the cheapest price does not mean the best design, but neither does paying the highest mean the best.  

Only by shopping around and taking your time making comparisons can you find the best web designer who can offer the best package for the best price. For free advice and quotes from local website designers in Kensington, just fill in the form.

A Few Words About Kensington

It was granted to Geoffrey de Montbray by William I (William the Conqueror) who was one of the wealthiest people in the newly conquered England.  

It was mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086 as ‘Chenesitone’ which means land or meadows.  

Geoffrey in turn granted tenancy to Aubery De Vere I who later became Earl of Oxford (the estate in Kensington has become known as Earl’s Court today).  

The title died out with the last Earl of Oxford in 1703, having lasted 7 centuries, and making it one of the longest surviving peerages in England.  

It is still a very affluent area of London and remains home to some of the country’s wealthiest people.

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