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When looking for a web designer to produce a new website (or a website re-design) it is worth comparing a few website designers in Macclesfield as there are so many to choose from.  

There are also a few good web design agencies in Stoke On Trent which may be worth getting quotes from.  If you wanted a smaller agency, there are a few small web designers in Buxton.

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Local Creative Web Designers

There are around 20 web designers in Macclesfield, most of which are freelancers or smaller web design agencies.  

In addition to the web agencies, there are also around 15 marketing companies that offer website design services, as part of a broader package of services such as graphic and digital design, SEO, PR and advertising

Choosing Someone Local

Being based in Macclesfield it does make sense to work with a local web design agency, rather than one that is miles away. Working via e-mail and phone is fine, but it is always best to work with a local agency given the chance that meetings can easily be scheduled.

Meetings allow a opportunity for brainstorming ideas; one thing to remember is that a website is a virtual shop window, and is the cyber way for people to be drawn into your shop, so it has to be right.

Choosing a web designer who knows your industry is also helpful; if they have already done work for companies that are similar to yours, it should be an indication that they are going to produce the right kind of site for you.

When choosing a local agency, consideration should also be given to things such as SEO & internet marketing, otherwise you may have to look for a separate agency to handle this.  

These areas go hand in hand with having a website, it is not all about the design, but getting visitors to your website and getting them converting into paying customers.

The size of website needed and the size of business you are will also determine the kind of web designer to select.  If you just need a basic website, something small and low maintenance, then a freelancer or small designer is fine. 

If you need a large website with 100+ pages, or an e-commerce website selling 1,000’s of products, then choosing a large agency may be better, as they will have more resources available and experience to properly support what you are establishing.

There are hundreds of web designers in Manchester (which is just up the road) should a local designer not be suited

Consider Your Marketing

Once your website is produced, the real work begins, by getting people to it and converting from website visitors to fee paying customers.

PPC advertising is a quick way to get new visitors to your website, but can be expensive depending on your keywords.  PPC is quick to set up but does need to be done correctly since the system is quite complicated with lots of different things to set up.

The ideal is getting organic visitors to your website, people who find you in the natural results. This is known as search engine optimisation, and is very complicated.  There is no instruction manual, so a lot of SEO is based on best guess practices.

Search engines change their ‘algorithm’ on a regular basis, this is the formula to rank websites all over the world.  Their algorithm changes because SEO’s try to manipulate the system to get their website and their customers onto page 1.

Both SEO & PPC are specialist areas of ‘digital marketing’ and not all web design companies in Macclesfield can do either or both.  So it may be wise to get quotes separately.

Compare Multiple Prices From Experts

All web design agencies in Macclesfield are individual, and there are no standard rates when it comes to web design prices, as all set their own rates of fees.

Some will charge a set fee for a site and others a monthly rate, so it is a case of shopping around and getting design ideas and quotes.

Generally smaller agencies charge less for their services, due to having lower overheads, less high paid staff, no high cost offices and fewer directors taking dividends.

Paying a low cost for your website does not make it the best and sometimes paying more for good design does pay off either; but shopping around and getting ideas from agencies and quotes should save a lot of time and money.

We are here to help you get the best possible website, for the lowest cost possible.

A Few Words About Macclesfield

This market town is in the east of Cheshire, with a population of around 50,000 according to stats.  It was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1068 as “Maclesfeld” and is thought to derive from a Saxon lord called ‘Macca’.

It is known for its historical silk production and also for Hovis bread.

The forest was originally established by the Earl of Chester for deer hunting; however by the end of the 13th century, much of it was given over to agriculture due to population growth. 

In 1356 two trees from the forest were donated to William Jauderell for house repairs (he was a famous archer who fought for Edward the Black Prince at the battle of Agincourt).

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