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There are over 150 website designers in Somerset, ranging from large web design studios that work with global clients down through smaller agencies that will rent a small office, to freelancers working from home. 

Many are located close to cities like Bristol and Bath.  In addition there are over 100 marketing companies that offer web services, as part of an overall strategy, again varying in size.  

If you need media support, there are a wide range of PR companies in Somerset that you can talk with.

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Choosing From Local Experts

As there are so many web designers in Somerset to choose from, finding the right one can be hard. It is always best to work with a local company, rather than one that is several hours journey away, so that you can have meetings easily, as required. 

These days with the use of smart phones and tablets, having a responsive website is best as it can adapt to software updates.

May will embellish on their websites, to claim to have posh offices, big teams, yet in reality only have virtual offices and outsource the work,  so a visit to examine what you are partnering is advised, especially if you are proposing that they will have responsibility for on-going maintenance.

Choosing someone who has experience in your industry is also to be recommended. As there are so many around, finding one that works in your industry should not be too hard.

Compare Prices

It is very wise in todays world to shop around and obtain quotes from web design companies in Somerset.  Whether this is for car insurance, design services, cars, clothes or anything else.  All agencies set their own rates, so web design prices will vary a lot for the same site.

If you have a limited budget then using a freelancer to create a cheap website for you is probably the best course; equally if you are a larger company, then a larger agency to create a bespoke e-commerce website may be wise. Website design companies in Bristol tend to be a little more expensive than ones in the leafy areas of the county, so it is worth shopping around to compare quotes. 

Generally the larger an agency is, the more expensive they are, as they have higher overheads, higher staff costs, bigger offices and more director dividends to pay.

To compare quotes from 5 web design agencies in Somerset, just fill in the form and we will get you local quotes.

A Few Words About The County

Somerset is in the south west of England,  and has an area of 1610 sq miles with a population of around a million.

The name comes from the old English word ‘Sumors’ meaning ‘the people living/dependent on Sumors’, which was a small town. Settlements have been found dating back before the birth of Jesus Christ, and some of the various cave systems in the county have yielded ancient skeletons.

The land was held by the Second Legion during the Roman invasion and when they left, the Britons moved in.  When the Anglo Saxons invaded Britain after the Roman departure, this was one of the few regions to remain in the control of the local Britons; but by the 8th Century, the Kind of Wessex advanced and took control.

The prison in Shepton Mallet opened in 1610 and still remains Britain’s oldest prison. As the Industrial Revolution modernised much of the UK, it was known for it’s cottage industries, homework like tailoring and stitching, and farming. The regiment suffered greatly in the First World War, and during the Second World War the county played host to troops preparing for the D-Day landings in Normandy.

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