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There are over 30 website designers in Taunton, many of these are small studios and freelancers. 

As the town is quite secluded and rural, it is popular for freelancers to work from home to get the work life balance into check.  There are also many smaller web designers in Minehead just up the road.

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Choosing Someone Local

Most of the web design companies in Taunton are smaller design studios, and therefore can offer a very tailored and personalised service. 

If your business is larger, there are some advantages in using a local agency, even if they are small or work at home, as they can pop over and visit.  A zoom meeting is also an option, as COVID makes face to face meetings dangerous.

Companies that are hundreds of miles away may not work as hard, as there is not the accountability that there comes with a local designer whose local reputation is precious.

As there are so many web designers in Somerset to choose from, it does make sense in selecting one that has produced sites for similar businesses in the past, as they should be better at converting web traffic.  

Have you thought about what web platform you want to use?  

Platforms like WordPress and Joomla are popular, but website agencies in Taunton should be able to advise.

Compare Quotes

As most of the companies around the area are smaller/freelance, their pricing should be less than a larger agency in a main city, as their overheads and rates will be so much less.  

However it is worth shopping around as all are in business for profit (as one would expect running a business). 

Web design prices do vary considerably, so it is worth shopping around.

Taunton at a Glance

It has over a thousand years of history, varied across the military, religion (Celtic and Christian) and farming.  The area is peppered with Bronze Age and Roman settlements giving it a rich archeological road-map. 

Due to the seclusion of Taunton lying right next to the Exmore National Park, it has a strong military presence both in terms of the army, and technology companies working as defense contractors (Thales etc.).  

Industry is limited in the town, although the council are trying to encourage more diversity.

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