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 There are around 30 website designers in Minehead,  mostly smaller web agencies and freelancers who tend to work for a range of clients around the county.  

There are a few larger marketing companies that offer design services along with advertising, graphic design and other digital marketing services.  There are a few larger web design agencies in Taunton just down the road.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local website design agencies in Minehead. 

Choosing Someone Local

It is always best choosing a website designer who is local rather than one based hundreds of miles away.  Even though web work can be done remotely, there is the need for an initial meeting.  

In order for them to produce a grade 1 website they need to know your business inside and out.  Also they need to know your market and your industry.  If they have already worked for companies similar to yours, then the chances are that they will produce a more efficient site that will produce results.  

There are lots of web design companies in Somerset to consider also, which is more local than someone in London or Edinburgh.

Shopping For Prices From Website Designers In Minehead

All website agencies in Minehead are different, all are independent and are in business to make a profit and grow their practices.  This being the case it is necessary for businesses to shop around and compare quotes.  

The cost will vary, as website design prices depend on the amount of design work that is needed, both initially and on an on-going basis.

Consider Your Marketing

Once your new site is set up, you need to ensure that you are found by your customers.

Websites are not automatically found, they need internet marketing such as SEO (to appear organically on search engines like Google and Bing) and also paid advertising known as PPC.

A Quick Glance at Minehead

This small town is found on the Somerset coast of the Bristol Channel. The original name ‘mynedd ‘ means ‘mountain’ in Welsh.  

There is evidence of a Bronze Age settlement which was governed by Aelfgar, and the town is mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086.  

It is well known for the Butlins site that was opened there in 1962.  

Somerset has around 10,000 inhabitants, which is boosted around Easter with the “Spring Harvest” festival at Butlins, and during the summer with the tourists.  

Something the council are keen to see as it boosts the county’s revenue.

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