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There are around 50 website designers in Telford, most of which are smaller web designers or freelancers who work from home.

Many of the larger companies are based in larger nearby cities, such as Birmingham.

Telford has around 30 marketing companies that offer web work as part of a broader range of marketing services, such as branding, advertising and SEO, to larger businesses that need a wider range of marketing support.  

There are in addition a number of PR companies in Telford that can help should you need media support.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from website companies in Telford that know your industry sector.

Choosing a Local Company

For businesses that are based in the town, working with web design companies in Telford is only logical and makes more sense that working with website designers in London or further afield.

There are hundreds of web designers in the Midlands to choose from, so if the right one is not also based locally, there are lots of other ones around.  

Where possible, it is best to choose a local company as there is a loyalty that comes with working with ‘a local supplier’, a commitment and need to please, to go the extra mile (during times of recession, these are important).

Meeting up with agencies is very important.  Much communication can be done via e-mail or phone, but a meeting helps communication.  

It gives the chance to talk about what kind of site would be best suited, chat through designs, layout and potential issues.  

A meeting also gives you the assurance that they are everything that they claim to be on their website, as some may embellish on their size or experience.  

Remember, it is your shop window, you need to ensure it reflects your brand.

Since meetings are dangerous thanks to COVID, a ZOOM meeting may be a safer option.

You can decide what web platform you want to use (WordPress, Joomla etc.).

All web design companies in Telford are different, in that some specialise on basic website design, some specialise on large e-commerce web design and some focus on sites that fall into the middle.  

Choosing a web design agency that is right for the job is important in order to get the best price.  

Selecting an agency who knows your industry is also something that is quite important.  If they have designed websites that are in a similar market to yours (legal for example, financial or medical) then the chances are that the site will have the ‘right feel’ to it.  

Not all sites are the same, and getting one that both ‘looks right’ yet ‘stands out’ is a difficult balance, but an important one.

Compare Prices Today

One thing to bear in mind is that all agencies are privately owned and are looking to generate profit from clients.  

This is how they pay for houses, cars, holidays, so shopping around and comparing quotes is very wise.

These days, all businesses are looking to keep costs down, so shopping around and comparing quotes is very wise advice

Another thing that affects costs of website design is how large the site is going to be; the more pages it has, and the more work involved, the more expensive it will be.

Paying a high cost does not guarantee it will be the best possible, neither does getting the cheapest site mean it will be as good as it could be.  

By comparing a few web design companies in Telford and talking to a few that know your industry; you should be able to get the best possible website designed for the best price.

A Few Words about Telford

It is a large town based in the north of the Midlands in Shropshire, with a population of around 180,000 according to council statistics.

It was created in the 1960’s & 70’s and named after Thomas Telford, who was a famous civil engineer and built many fine bridges around Britain.  It is situated close to where the Industrial Revolution started, so has a long history linked with engineering and manufacturing.

Much of the area around Telford, prior to its being built, was moorland and open country. Going back to the early 11th century the area was agricultural.  

When the UK was struggling in the 1960’s it faced unemployment issues, but quickly recovered as a result of the building of new industrial estates.  

The recession of 2008 has had a big effect on the manufacturing sector in the area, and once again it is struggling with unemployment.  £259m was allocated to help revive the area, bringing in new shops, nightlife, bars and cafes to try to regenerate the town.

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