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There are around 30 website designers in Windsor, many of which are smaller firms working from rented studios around the town, or freelancers who are working from home or student accommodation.

There are around 15 marketing companies in and around the town that offer this as part of a broader range of marketing services.  Marketing services such as advertising, SEO, animation and web development, to larger businesses that need additional marketing support.

There are a few larger web designers in Slough if you needed a larger website created?

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Choosing Someone Local

For companies that are based in or local to the town, it makes good practical sense to work with someone local.  

There are hundreds of web design companies in Berkshire, so it is only logical to select someone that is local, rather than at the other side of the country.

Another good reason for choosing a web company in Windsor is the loyalty that normally comes with working with a ‘local supplier’.  There is normally the need to please someone who is local, rather than some voice on the end of a phone (or e-mail address).

Many website designers do embellish on their sites, saying that they are the ‘UK’s number 1 designer‘ or ‘the best designer in the country’ or ‘an award winning agency with 100% client satisfaction’.  

So it is wise to meet up and check that they are all that they claim, and that you are not just being sucked in by marketing spin.  

A meeting also gives you the opportunity to meet the team, chat through ideas and objectives, and to ensure that all bases are covered, to give you the best site possible for your money.

Since meetings these days are too dangerous due to COVID, a ZOOM meeting may be a safer option.

Compare Prices

All web design companies in Windsor set their own fees.  Prices do vary, so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes so as to avoid overpaying.  Web design prices do vary in Windsor considerably.

Generally the larger they are, the more they will charge.  As they will have higher overheads, more staff and probably plusher offices, than a freelancer who does not have high outgoings and is just charging for their time.

Windsor is quite a pricey area, so it is good to shop around and compare quotes, before deciding on a certain firm.  

An expensive site does not make it good, the more you pay for a website does not mean the better it is; so meet designers, compare prices and do not believe the marketing waffle.

A Few Words About Windsor

It is in Berkshire, to the west of London, and has a population of around 30,000 according to the council website.

It is best known for Windsor Castle, one of the primary residences of the Royal Family.  The castle was built in  the 11th century by William the Conqueror.  

The castle dominates the town and is a major tourist attraction in the UK.  

The name comes from the Old English word ‘Windles-ore’ which means ‘winch by the riverside’, and is mentioned in a 9th century Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

The castle has been modified and added to by the various Kings and Queens of England over the centuries, with the result that it has a very wide mix of styles in architecture.  

There are actually two parts to the town, Old and New; this relates to the development of the town over the years.  Most of the streets date from around the 19th century, however the one in front of the castle, called Peascod Street, predates the castle, making it well over 1000 years old.  

It is very much a cultural and tourist destination, being one of the most affluent areas of the UK in which to live.  

Legoland is close by and planes from Heathrow Airport have a flight path over Windsor.

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