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There are around 150 website designers in Slough, many of which are smaller studios and freelancers who are renting local offices or working from home.  It also has around 30 marketing companies that offer web services as part of a wider range of marketing services, such as branding, digital marketing and SEO, to local businesses in town that are looking for a broader marketing support.

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website designers in Slough

Choosing Someone Local

It is a good place for designers to be located, as it is just outside of London (there are over 3,000 website designers in London) and has good access to most of the south-east without too much difficulty.

Choosing a local website designer in Slough is always good policy, because it does give you a chance to meet with them; as there are so many companies, it only makes sense to keep it local.

Although the work can be done remotely, a meeting is much to be preferred in order to chat through ideas, strategies and layout.  Phone and e-mail are great communication tools, but there is lost communication that is non verbal.

Experienced Agencies

In the UK there are tens of thousands of designers; the only things which distinguish one from another are their skills and experience.

Working with someone local that has a knowledge of your industry is important, as they will understand your sector, your competition, and know how to present you from the start.

Compare Prices From Website Designers In Slough

Websites can be very expensive things; however they are your shop window, often the first thing people will see before seeing you.  They need to look good, work well, and be profitable; drawing in new clients and working as a marketing tool.

They can be very cheap, and basic website design does not cost a lot; however websites to need to be built, as the company grows, so too does the website.

All charge different rates for their work, website design costs vary a lot as there are no standard rates.  Generally speaking, smaller designers (or freelancers) charge less for design work, as they have fewer overheads, fewer staff and lower profit margins.  Larger ones may have expensive offices, directors taking dividends, a large payroll, but more facilities.

Shopping around and comparing quotes from website designers in Slough is necessary in today’s world.  There are hundreds of website designers in Berkshire to choose from, so if there is not a suitable company in town, there will be one not too far away.

A Few Words about Slough

It is perhaps best known for the Trading Estate which featured on the TV sitcom ‘The Office’. Situated in Berkshire, it has a population of around 130,000.

The first mention of it is in 1196, when it was referred to as ‘Slo’, and the nearby town of Upton is better mentioned as having 200 pigs and a wood worth £15.

Due to its situation on the Great Western Road, it was a boom town in the 17th century, with stagecoaches going from London to Bristol.  During 1918, much of the agricultural land around the town was converted by the army into a vehicle repair depot, which was later passed to the Trading company, and converted to the Trading Estate.  The council is looking at ways to improve the image of the area.

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