Brochure Design for Universities

Brochure Design for UniversitiesDoes Your University Need Help With Brochure Design?

Brochure design for universities is very important, due to the wide range of brochures that are required for the various departments.  

The brochures need to appeal to students, and to be accessible to people from different ethnic backgrounds due to the multi ethnicity we have here in the UK.

There are over 100 universities in the UK, each one needing brochures designed from each individual department.  

The DOE has nothing to do with design, so it is down to each university to arrange brochure design.

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Are Brochures Needed?

Brochure design is needed for universities, in fact it is essential.  Basic brochure design is not enough, you need something high quality for your university.

Brochures are used for a wide range of purposes, from promotion of the campus and new students,  to internal information about change in syllabus..  

They are used for a wide range of reasons, not just for prospecting new students or marketing new courses, but for student issues and topics or teacher conduct.

Each university around the UK is different, some specialising in specific courses such as sports, medicine or music.

Why Brochures Are Important

Even though we live in the digital age, brochures still play an important roll for universities.

  • Information about the university
  • Health & safety
  • History about the university and notable students
  • Information about each department
  • Student life at the university
  • Events and open days
  • Prospectus for postgraduate & undergraduates

Throughout the year universities have may events going on, both for students and guests.  Each event will require a hard copy brochure that can either be posted or handed out in advance.

Each year a new prospectus will be required and the old one updated as courses may have changed, teachers may have changed or new buildings on the campus.

Universities are important for cities around the UK, bringing in thousands of students and adding to the cultural mix of the cities.

Student life plays an important roll for businesses all around the cities and raises the profile of a city.

How Much Does Brochure Design Cost?

The cost of brochure design does depend on a number of factors, how many pages, how many copies, what pictures of the campus are supplied.  

Also there is the cost of the creative agency, all marketing agencies have different rates based on their staff costs, overheads and profit margins.

It is wise to shop around and compare brochure design prices, as each agency will charge differently and the prices will vary considerably.

Selecting An Experienced Design Agency

There are thousands of creative design agencies around the UK, ranging from top designers in London, down to freelancers working from home. 

It is advised to select a brochure design agency that has experience in designing within the education sector, as they will have a better idea of what designs will work, and what will not.

If they have worked with universities in the past, they will know what designs work, what message needs to come across, and how the audience will respond to the content.

The brochures have to appeal to the student, clear, attractive, appealing and easy to digest rather than being complicated using poor wording.

Brochure Content

Most brochure design companies will need you to help provide the content for your brochures.

Basic information can be used, but specific information about what the brochure is for does need to be supplied.  This can be e-mailed over to the designer and added.

Most information within the brochure will be known only by the department head or members of staff within the department, so this would need to be communicated to the design company.

Images And Photography

Does the agency have access to a local photographer.

Stock images can be used in many brochures, but having pictures of previous events, celebrations or open days at your university speaks a lot more.

The photographs can then be used in whichever brochure is needed, whether it is a student information pack, open day or seasonal event.

A proper photographer will be required rather than a designer taking pictures on his iPhone.

Get Some Quotes On Brochure Design For Universities

It is best to get a few quotes to compare, from experienced industry brochure design companies that can provide value for money.

All brochure designers around the UK are different, each with different design experience and different industry experience.

Shopping around for quotes is important, but it is not about getting the lowest price but the best designer for your university.

Have they worked for any universities in the past, or companies that are linked to the education sector?

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