Brochure Design for Holiday Companies

Brochure Design for Holiday CompaniesDoes Your Holiday Business Need Help With Brochure Design?

Brochure design for holiday companies is essential.  

Brochures can be used to send to repeat clients as part of a mailing, or offering a discount for early booking.

There are a variety of brochure designers that have experience of marketing for holiday companies.

Leading holiday firms like Thomas Cook and Tui use brochures showcasing their package deals.

Why Brochures Are Needed

They are always needed in the holiday and travel sector.  Certainly for high street agents; as people like to thumb through pages.  The internet is still the main medium for sourcing holidays.  

However they still do play an important roll in the selling/buying process.  

If a client wants a beach retreat, a city break, a 2 week cruise, they will want to look at pictures in a travel magazine.  For this reason, quality brochure design is needed.

How Much Would It Cost?

Brochure design prices will vary, depending on two factors:

  • How many pages (and photo’s) are needed
  • What designer is selected

Holiday brochures can range in size from 3-4 pages to 20+.  

The more pages and pictures, the more it will cost.  When considering brochure design for holiday reasons, designers set their own rates.  

All marketing agencies are independent companies that have profit margins.  So it is wise to compare the market.

Choosing An Agency

When considering a creative design agency, it is wise to select one that has experience in the travel sector. 

If they have done design or branding for travel agents, then they should be able to help.  Have a look at their portfolio, see what client they have.  

If they have other travel companies they work for, have a chat with them.

It may even be wise to ask to chat to some of their clients.  If the clients are happy, then you may have found your agency.

Get A Quote

Like any price comparison website, we encourage you to shop around.  

Not all brochure designers are the same.  Not all charge the same.  Brochure design for holiday companies needs to be carefully considered.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice on brochure design for holiday companies.

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