Brochure Design For Healthcare Companies

Healthcare BrochuresDoes Your Healthcare Business Need Brochure Design Help?

Brochure design for healthcare companies does require a specialist approach, more so than in the commercial world.

Brochures are used in all areas of the medical industry.  

They are used to instruct new staff, sell medical equipment and to keep people informed about the local NHS services.

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The UK Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry in the UK is the rival of the world and something Britain can be very proud of.  Since the end of the Second World War in 1948, the healthcare sector employs over 1.3 million staff.

The healthcare industry is roughly categorises as:

  • Allied health (e.g. physiotherapy, radiography, and occupational therapy)
  • Ambulance services
  • Complementary therapies
  • Dentistry
  • Health informatics
  • Health promotion
  • Healthcare administration and management
  • Healthcare science (e.g. clinical engineering, biomedical science, and pathology)
  • Medical equipment sales
  • Medicine (e.g. doctors, surgeons, and GPs)
  • Medical research
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Optometry and opticians
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychological therapies

Each of these various healthcare departments will require a variety of brochures and also brochures that are translated into the many languages we have here in the UK.

Different brochures are currently being used, and may just need to be updated once a year to ensure that the information is current.

Each of the various healthcare sectors above will handle COVID in a different way to ensure the vulnerable and elderly are adequately protected.

Of course as COVID continues to mutate, information leaflets and brochures will need to be updated to cover the latest strains and mutations.

Why Are Healthcare Brochures Used

Healthcare brochures normally tackle important topics such as obesity, childhood diseases, smoking, drug abuse etc.  These topics need to be communicated in such a way that the message gets through rather than just being another brochure with a few pretty pictures.  

Each of the departments we have bullet pointed above will require brochures, right around the UK.

Healthcare brochures are very important to our countries health in communicating topics such as vaping and COVID.

By using a creative design agency that has medical marketing experience, you will stand a much better chance of getting a hard hitting one that generates a reaction from recipients.

Choosing A Good Designer

There are hundreds of creative brochure design companies around the UK, thousands in fact. 

Choosing one that has health experience is not only logical, but important for you to get the right one that will produce results rather than being thrown to one side.  Have they produced healthcare brochures before?  If so for who?

Have a look at the brochure design agencies portfolio, what other healthcare clients have they worked for (dental, surgical equipment companies). 

Ask for referrals, talk to their clients and see how they found their work. 

Meet the designer and ensure they are not just a teenager working from home with a virtual office.

Compare design prices against other agencies to ensure that you are not overspending for quality graphic design.

Supplying Content

Most healthcare brochures do need to be updated from time to time as different information is required or medical guidelines are updated.

The new information can be e-mailed over to the designer who can then update the existing brochure or create a few one.

Photographs are also important with healthcare brochures, does the designer use a local photographer or do they have one that works for the agency full time?

Questions To Consider

Healthcare brochures will be varied from all areas of the UK health industry.  Here are a few questions that you may wish to ask prospective designers:

  • What other healthcare companies have you designed for?
  • What size brochure would be best for us?
  • What materials would the brochure be designed on, is there a sustainable option?
  • What level of designers do you have?

One of the points raised is sustainability, since most brochures are made with plastic, healthcare companies should lead the way in reducing our plastic footprint.

Other materials can be used in brochures to make them eco friendly, getting some advice from different brochure designers should give you some ideas to consider.

All healthcare brochures and leaflets will come in different sizes:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • Catalogues
  • Multipage

Brochures can be double sided, single sided, 2 pages or 10 pages, it really depends on what the brochure or leaflets are designed to do.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Brochure design for healthcare companies does need to be compared, in the same way we would compare quotes for any other area of marketing

As all designers set their own fees, it is important to shop around and compare quotes for healthcare brochures.  Brochure design prices do vary considerably.  We want to help you find the best agency, for the lowest price.

If you would like quotes from industry experienced professional agencies, just fill in the form.

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