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Brochure design for florists is essential, for weddings, funerals, mothers day.  Having an up to date brochure that customers can take away is needed for any florist.  

Flyers are also used by many florists to show seasonal collections, Christmas, Valentines day etc.

The issue is, which brochure designer should you choose?  We always advise to select a brochure design agency that has experience in doing brochure design for florists.

They should have a better understanding of what kind of designs work, what size brochures etc.

A brochure by its very nature should be a highly attractive marketing tool. With that in mind, every brochure should have several factors; easy to read and navigate, professionally presented and represents your florist shop in the best possible way.

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Why Brochures Are Needed

A high proportion of people do buy flowers online, that is true, but brochures are still needed.  

As mentioned, there are a wide number of events that people may wish to have a hard copy brochure to reflect on.

  • Wedding Flowers
  • Funerals
  • Engagement bouquets
  • Mothers Day Baskets
  • Hampers Incorporating Helium Balloons

The list goes on, and there are many people that want to look at your brochure while in your store.

Quality brochure design is needed in order for people to buy from you rather than a competitor.

A picture speaks a thousand words as they say; having good quality stock photos is important, or better still live pictures you can take on flower arrangements.

Pictures of your roses for Valentines day, lilies for celebrations and not forgetting the Poinsettia at Christmas.

Wedding flowers are essential at wedding celebrations, both in the church and for the reception.  Couples can spend up to £1000 on wedding flowers, so getting couples choosing your florist is a big piece of business.

Brochures and leaflets showcasing your flower arrangements, that can be taken away are great for business now and in the future.

Having pictures of your shop may also be good, as it adds that personal touch.

How Much Would Brochure Design Cost?

Brochure design prices for florists really depends on a couple of factors:

  • How many pages – The more pages, the more work is involved.
  • Which agency you choose – All design agencies set their own rates.
  • How many brochures – When you get the brochures printed and delivered
  • How many pictures – The more pictures you have in the brochure the higher the cost will be.

A basic brochure could cost as little as £500 but the more complex the brochure is the more it will cost.

Most graphic and brochure designers do not have printing facilities and would use a local printer for your brochures or flyers.

In order to get quotes, just fill in the form and we will get you 5 quotes from local brochure designers that know the flower industry

Choosing A Brochure Designer

When considering a designer, it is wise to select one that has experience in the flower sector.  If the agency has done branding for florists or marketing in the past, they are the most suitable to talk with.  

The reason is that they understand the flower industry.  

They have worked with flower companies in the past.  They should be able to deliver exactly what you want and need.  

If you are taking to a designer that specialists in brochure design for banks, then you are unlikely to get what you want or need.

If the designer has worked for florists like Interflora or Bunches, then chances are, they can give you a brochure customers will respond to.

Some Questions To Consider

When talking or meeting with brochure design companies, there are going to be many questions you will have, but here are a few to consider:

  • What other florists have you designed brochures for in the past?
  • Can we have a look at some of your work/can you email us a few examples?
  • Do you use design templates or do you design from scratch?
  • What level of experience does your design team have?

These are just a few questions it is worth asking, to get a feel for level of experience of design and if they can further your brand on the brochure.

Each florist is different and your brand does need to carry through both in the design and the layout of your brochure.

Compare A Few Quotes

As a creative marketing comparison website, we want to help you find the ‘best’ agency, as opposed to the cheapest.

All brochure designers are independent businesses, with their own staff costs, office costs and profit margins.

Just fill in the form to get advice and quotes from a few local creative design agencies that have experience in doing brochure design for florists.  

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