Brochures In The Digital Age

Are Brochures In The Digital Age Necessary?Do We Still Need Brochures During This Digital Age?

The digital era arrived some time ago, where does that leave good old fashioned brochure design?  Now we are settled into the internet age, do we still need brochures?  

As many companies are using digital brochures, are brochures in the digital age still needed?

What is the purpose of brochures when you have a website?  Surely it is just added cost and waste of natural resources needlessly?

However consider the number of brochures that there are in society today, brochures in the digital age play an important roll.

Who Uses Brochures?

Most people that talk to a business on the phone, like to have something to handle.  

It is the same for if you go into a shop and want to touch the goods, there is a sensation that we all crave.  

Do you remember your mum saying ‘look but do not touch’?  The same would apply.  

Humans like to touch.  We are physical beings and therefore a company that has no ‘hard copy’ is putting itself at a disadvantage.

Brochures in the digital age are still needed, even if you have a digital brochure.

Are They Really Necessary?

Not in all cases, but it is all about giving people what they want.  

People can get all the information from a website these days, but statistics show that we like to have them.

A great example, would be a car showroom like Honda. 

A brand new car sitting there but people always reach for the catalogue to have a look through.  

There is no need.  The car is right there in front of you!  

You can sit in it.  Walk around it.  Smell it.  But we want to look at the pictures non the less.  

Weird, but this is the way things go.

Keep Them Simple

Think of why people want brochures, to look through.  

They may know all they need to know, just want to look at the pictures and basic information.

They do not need to be in depth and technical (unless they are a technical manual or are designed to be specifically technical).

Keep them light, simple to navigate, easy on the eye, and creative.

How many have you seen that look similar, boring and dull.  

Looking at creative brochure designs will ensure that it will be effective and not just picked up and discarded.

Seek Professional Advice

We have established that they are needed (not necessarily essential) but are needed.  

Therefore it is well worth talking to professional brochure designers in order to get a feel for different options available.

Brochures can come in all shapes and sizes, they do not all have to be A4 and not all have to be made of card, get creative.  

Have something unique that will create an impact.

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