Leaflet Design Ideas

Leaflet Design IdeasDid You Need Help With Some Leaflet Design?

Making your leaflet stand out will make the difference to having the leaflet thrown away or read.  

Considering leaflet design ideas can ensure your leaflet will be effective.

Leaflets are fairly cheap individually however if they are just thrown away, they are expensive.

All businesses and consumers get leaflets every day and 99% would be discarded.  What you want is a design that will stand out.

Leaflet Design Ideas – Choose A Good Designer

Getting a great leaflet designer to put together creative ideas is the first step.  There are lots of designers around the UK however it is important to choose a good one.  

Going on to google and picking the top designer is not the best idea.

If you have a look at a few different leaflet designers, through their portfolios to get a feel for the designs they have done in the past.  Once you find a few companies that you like the look of, get them to provide some ideas of designs for your leaflet.

Leaflet Design Ideas – Being Creative

The main thing about the design is that it needs to be clear and concise.  Many leaflets tend to be filled with too much information and swamping the main message. 

Also depending on the audience, certain colours should and should not be used.

Once you get an idea of the leaflet layout, colours and what would go on the leaflet, get the leaflet designers to quote on the work. 

Based on the design ideas, the price and how you feel about the designer, you can choose the best one.


Keep it simple silly is the best advice that can be offered.

You have a window of around 0.5 – 1 second in attention, so if there is too much information or the message is not concise, then your leaflet will get binned.  

Getting cheap leaflets designed is often good, as they are supposed to be simple and communicating a basic message.  People do not really hold onto the leaflets, so pouring money into them is unsise.

Final Thoughts

It is advised to meet up with a few graphic designers that you like.  Although a lot of discussions can happen via phone or e-mail it is always good to meet up and get a feel for the designers team, their studio etc.  

If you would like some free advice or guidance with leaflet design ideas, then use the enquiry form opposite.

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