What Is Leaflet Distribution?

What Is Leaflet Distribution?What Is Leaflet Distribution?

What is leaflet distribution?  It is something that many businesses use as a very targeted and localised form of marketing.

This would involve people going around houses/companies and dropping of a leaflet/flyer into a letter box or pigeon hole. 

The leaflet is not addressed or personalised, simply a marketing flyer designed to initiate a response.

Normally this would be via people calling a phone number, visiting a website or shop.

Who Uses This Form Of Marketing

IT is used by a wide variety of companies (normally ones that are selling in the B2C market).  Common businesses that use leaflet distribution would be:

  • Pizza Companies
  • Indian Take Aways
  • Local Hairdressers
  • Tree Surgeons
  • Driving Instructors
  • Estate Agents

Most of the companies above will deal with people in the local area (maybe 5-10 mile radius); so doing regular ‘reminders’ is a good way to keep the name in the frame.

The Benefits Of Distributing Leaflets

What is it going to achieve?  Distributing leaflets is very cheap, apart from the man power of delivering the leaflets the costs are minuet.

Leaflet distribution is also very targeted.  If you are a local business, then a leaflet drop is the best way to get your name known to the local community.

It is all about spreading seeds, people do not normally respond to the first leaflet that appears (unless there is a current need) however continued deliveries ensures that the brand is established.

The trick is ensuring that your leaflet arrives when it is needed.  So trying to get timings right is something this is important. 

For example; if you are a pizza company like Papa Johns, getting leaflets delivered before the weekend (when more people will order pizza) will ensure that the chances of response are higher.

The Costs Associated

What is leaflet distribution going to cost you?  As above, the cost to a company other th

The only thing is finding people to deliver the leaflets, which is a time consuming and laborious task (especially in winter or in bad weather).

There are leaflet distribution companies‘ that are able to arrange for leaflets to be distributed to a certain area. 

Costs will vary for their service, but normally are very modest.  Use the form opposite to get some free quotes to compare.

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