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Leaflet distribution for taxi companies is a very effective form of marketing.  

Although it is quite a primitive form of marketing, by delivering leaflets and flyers either to peoples homes or to offices and businesses.

A cheap and highly targeted form of local advertising.  Many taxi companies find that by delivering leaflets to local houses and companies once a month does generate good brand exposure and does keep their taxi company in the public’s eye.

When leaflet distribution is coupled into other forms of marketing (such as taxi radio advertising) it can be very effective.

Ideas For Taxi Leaflet Distribution

The most basic form of leaflet distribution is a crude 1 page black and white flyer that gives the taxi name, phone number, web address and basic services bullet pointed. 

This is fine, it does what it is meant to, but is not smart marketing.  Just a way to create exposure and can be done by any taxi firm that has the time to employ freelancers or students to do leaflet drops to local houses/offices.

Taxi Competition

An option to consider when doing a leaflet drop, is to host some sort of competition.

By having a flyer that has a competition on it, and includes a follow up leaflet, this makes the campaign more exciting and one that people are more likely to take note of.

If there is a discount code or number on the flyer, this may encourage people to keep hold of the flyers and not discard them with the recycling.

Seasonal Leaflets

If taxi companies delivered leaflets that are based around the seasons (Christmas, Easter etc.) then these are more topical and more likely to be read.  As opposed to glanced and then placed in the recycling.

This also gives a kind of continuity that encourages people to ‘warm’ to the taxi company, as they are making an effort to connect.

Personalised Leaflets

If taxi companies can deliver leaflets that are more personalised (either by name, or by a hand written envelope) then this will create an impact.

People like personalised things, so things like personalised gifts, letters, interactive campaings do have more impact than a simple black and white leaflet that is half chewed by the dog.  

Leaflet distribution for taxi companies needs to be personalised.

Choosing A Leaflet Distribution Company

As mentioned, leaflets can be very basic, very affordable and delivered by kids/students. 

Leaflets can have some planning and strategy behind them (which will cost more but should result in a better response).

Choosing a leaflet distribution company that does know a bit about taxi marketing and how to market taxi companies is wise – as it should provide a better return on investment.

For free advice and quotes on leaflet distribution for taxi companies that have a knowledge and understanding of the taxi industry, just fill in the form above.

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