Brochure Design for Restaurants

Brochure Design for RestaurantsDoes Your Restaurant Need Help With Brochure Design?

Many restaurants around the companies use brochures, menus and promotional literature.  In fact every restaurant in the UK uses brochure designers to create various menus and promotional literature.

Brochure design for restaurants needs to be done around the style of the restaurant.  

If the restaurant is modern greek, the design needs to reflect this.  If the restaurant is high end fine dining, the menus need to reflect this.  If it is classic French, the design needs to speak this and so on.

Restaurant brochures and menus come in all shapes and sizes as you have doubtless noticed

If you are looking for a creative design agency to help produce you a great looking brochure, just fill in the form and we will get you a few quotes to compare.

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Do You Need Brochures?

No matter how good the food is, if your literature is not up to scratch, then diners will not want to stick around. 

Fast food companies like McDonalds, Five Guy’s and Burger King all have menu’s behind the tills on the wall, or on digital ordering points where you can order and pay all at once.

Having a good looking menu giving an overview of the restaurant is a great idea with high quality graphic design.  

A promotional flyer giving some information about the food, a history of when the restaurant was established, some nice pictures and an overview of the menu will add value.  

Brochures play an important roll in the overall marketing for restaurants.

Of course the main brochures your restaurant will use is your main menu, whether you rotate your menu’s for breakfast lunch and dinner, or if you just have 1 daytime menu.

Bare in mind that your competitors will have a great looking brochure or menu, you need one too.  

Whether you are a high street chain like Ask Italian, or a central London Brasserie like Tuttons.  Brochure design for restaurants plays an important roll in marketing.

What Is Needed?

The main factor to consider is pictures, pictures of the eating area, pictures of the food, a good layout and clean design. 

A well designed and thought out brochure will work wonders for giving diners a feel good factor about the quality of your restaurant and the standard of the food. 

If it is slap dash, people will think the food is.  If it is professional and well thought out, then the mindset will be that this cascades down to the food quality.

Choosing The Designer

There are hundreds of brochure designers around the UK, thousands in fact, so choosing the right one is important. 

It is advised to talk to a designer that has experience in doing brochure design for restaurants in the past.  

Have they designed menus and promotional literature in the past?  

Discussing some creative ideas for brochure design to make you stand out is wise.

If a local designer can be selected, then all the better.

Questions To Ask Designers

Whether you are a new restaurant or well established, there are going to be a number of questions you will ask designers if you talk to them or meet with them, here are a few to get you started:

  • How long has your design agency been established?
  • What other restaurants have you worked with in the past?
  • Can I see some examples of designs or menus or leaflets?
  • How do you see our brand standing out?
  • What size of brochure/menu do you feel would work best?
  • What level of design experience does your team have?

Your brochures/menu’s/promotional literature needs to stand out.  You only have 1-2 seconds for diners to decide if they want to eat with you or not.

Big established brands like Nando’s keep a consistency in their branding in order to stand out in their niche.  The type of food you serve will reflect in the colours, layout and pictures on your menu’s and brochures.

Whether you are an independent restaurant or a restaurant chain, your brand needs to come through in your menu’s and promotional literature.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Choosing the ‘right’ brochure designer is important, it is not all about comparing quotes to find the cheapest, as you might with car insurance.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive design agency in the UK does not make them the best.  The agency at the top of Google are not the best.  It is about finding the right design company for your restaurant.

Why not fill in the form in order to get a few quotes from a few different designers that have experience in doing creative work in the food industry.  

Brochure design prices vary significantly, so it is wise to compare quotes.  Brochure design for restaurants does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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