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Looking For Brochure Designs

If you are looking for new brochure designs, we do advise you talking to a few brochure designers local to you.  It is wise to get a few ideas before putting together a spec of what you want.  Most agencies will offer free brochure designs for you to consider. If you are looking for a creative agency, we do advise you getting a few quotes and prices from local designers.  Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local brochure designers.  Don’t spend hours on google searching countless websites.

Great Brochure Designs

They are a physical marketing product that is still popular and still needed in the internet world.  Many companies are moving more to PDF’s rather than hard copy (partly for cost and partly for ease of delivery rather than post) however they are still needed. If you go into a car showroom and want to look at the reviews of a car you are interested in, read how it drives, what the fuel consumption is like you would pick up a sales leaflet. If a salesperson visits a customer it is more impacting to provide the client with a hard copy rather than sending one via e-mail before or after the meeting (which can still be done).

Are All Designers The Same

In the UK there are thousands of brochure designers ranging from small studios, high street designers to top London design agencies.  All designers have different backgrounds (engineering, medical, retail) so all will have different opinions on what brochures work well in a certain industry and what do not.  For example, if you are a plastic manufacturing company, maybe getting it designed in a type of plastic will have more of an impact that a paper one.  Only a designer that has experience in the plastics industry would know this, so it is advised to go with a designer that has experience in your industry and market place.

Choosing The Right Design

Getting the right brochure designs at the start is key to how effective it will be.  They can be designed in a range of sizes and a wide range of materials (wood, plastic, paper, metal etc.) so have a look at different options.  Do not settle for the same kind as all other companies, a normal looking A4 paper one; try something a little different. Once it is designed, that is it, you cannot go back and change something if you do not like it.  So it is important to plan in advance about what material you want, what designs you want, how many pages etc. rather than rushing in and getting any old one designed.

How Much Do Brochure Designs Cost?

All creative companies have different backgrounds, different services and skills to bring to the table; so all charge differently for producing brochures.  The costs vary depending on the number of pages that there will be within it, what material would be chosen, how many will be produced (printed) and of course, the costs of the design agency you choose.  Normally smaller companies charge less than larger ones (that have more staff, higher overheads more directors etc.). It is always worth comparing prices in order to get a feel for what is a reasonable price to pay.  Cost comparison is very popular now and comparing brochure design prices is no different to comparing prices for any other product of service.

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